2019 May HNA Minutes


MAY 8, 2019


Board Members Present:

Kymberly Jeka, Clifford Walker, John Ollis, Alicia Richards, Richard Hunter

Absent:Abe Proctor, Rosemary Brown, Kate Piper (leave of absence), Isa Dean

New Member at Large:  THANKS Richard Hunter for offering to be in this position.

Minutes: John moved to approve April minutes and Alicia seconded the move. 

Treasurer report:

$1,468.16 checking account; $1000.00 savings account.  Swag cost $763.84. Chapel Pub earned us $1095.85 for Friends and Family fundraiser, which we can do yearly.  Kymberly will request again in August.  Kymberly will buy an easel for the HNA map & Meeting Notes for $27.00.   John made motion and Alicia seconded that.


Hey Neighbor,Library info. & new HNA swag distributed.


Toma Solano,Co-Executive Director of Cascadia Clusters.  He is an advocate of Hazelnut Grove in the Interstate and N. Greeley area, a tiny home village there for 3 years, which is moving to St. Johns.  He helped build Agape Village, which is at Powell and 205. Tiny Home Village for houseless people contain these 5 components:  1) dependent advocacy. 2) Self –governance. 3) Complete infrastructure i.e. utilities. 4) Service provision folks who help organize needs for people, and 5) micro enterprise model.  His hope is that HNA can promote their work.  

Tim Cook from NW Seismic who talked with us about retrofitting buildings for earthquake proofing.  He discussed the codes for enforcing safety during and after an earthquake incident.  They do workshops at the library.  Better to have a tank water heater for storage of water for seismic event. Gas meter device, which automatically turns off gas, was discussed as well.

Corrie M a longtime renter in Humboldt,came to report on the land of N. Michigan between N. Prescott and N. Skidmore   It is ODOT property, which is neglected. Corrie will agree to call ODOT. Kymberly will email a contact from ODOT and will follow up.  

Corrie will go to Boise NA Mtg next Mon and come back to our meeting in June to see how we may respond better. Clifford motioned and John seconded for her to have our vote to talk with Boise and then let us know how to proceed. Corrie is a bartender and has many connections for fundraising.

Anne Greenwood with Albina Green Park at corner of Albina and Sumner:  Portland Parks was gifted this property since it was tax foreclosed in 1989.  It was going to have 3 row houses on it but the Portland Parks project was able to create it as a park.  In October we will have a 20-year anniversary for the community. She submitted grant to get money to provide music/food/organization.  HNA supported grant.  They worked with NECN and hoping to get $1500.

HNA is the official steward of the park.  PDC gave a grant a couple years ago for stage and improvements.  Nick, owner of Cherry Sprout, has some ideas to make the park more student friendly while waiting for bus.  Some improvements are hoping to happen if we can come up with funding i.e. the stonework repair.

HNA is willing to match, not to exceed $250.00 for the upkeep on the park.  Clifford motioned the vote and John seconded the motion.  Spencer will donate labor.  Nick will purchase picnic table.  Anne will attend June meeting to follow up grant notification.

Upcoming Events/Meetings

June meeting EMWSCD5211 N. Williams, between Sumner and Roselawn

AKSNC:  Alicia will attendJune 11th, 9:00am

PSAC: Richard Hunter will attend the quarterly meetings

HNA cleanupMay 18thwill be at Emmanuel Temple, 9:00-1:00, 1033 N. Sumner Ave.  New this year – People can drop off large appliances and electronics

June 1stOpen House for the EMSWCD 

Alberta Abbey is in process of getting non-profit legal status.  Mtg. on 05/19 for more info. 

Adjourn meeting 9:00

2019 April HNA Minutes

2019 JUNE HNA Minutes

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