2012 October Meeting Minutes




Board members in attendance:  Paul Anthony, Brian Murtagh, Isa Dean, Susan O’Conner; Clifford Walker, and Emily Wilson.

Total in attendance:  10 (2 of these were developer reps presenting)

I. Announcements and Agenda Amendments

A.  Brendan Kyle (Salvation Army) and wife are moving to Orange County – quite a loss for the neighborhood.

B.  Distribution of materials relating to the Jefferson PK-8 Cluster rebalancing. Includes performance statistics. Paul is trying very hard to attend all of these sessions.

C.  The head of Hoffman for the build-out (Derek) came to the Albina Killingsworth meeting this morning and they’re going to start construction on Paragon the first part of November, and should be done by end of the year.  Will be a construction office – looks like it’s going to be a nice space.  Very serious about security.

D.  New restaurant on Albina by Cherry Sprout – “Sweedeedee” – good food, cute – highly recommended.  Good breakfast too – finally in our neighborhood.  Maybe mention it in the newsletter.

E.  Type 1 crime statistics for the city distributed for week of 9/16-9/22/12.  Prosecutor’s office just got a grant to have a dedicated prosecutor for the Albina/Killingsworth area.  Since school started back up there have been 2 incidents nearby:  Kirby/Jessup – stabbing by the back side of the college – gang related.  Stabber is mixed race, tall curly hair driving black PT Cruiser with very shiny wheels; also a homeowner displayed a handgun and told a student not to park in street parking by his house.

F  In-n-Out Market breached its agreement with the liquor commission.  License to sell liquor has been suspended for 20 days through October 21st.

G.  Police have made an agreement with Mescale Market (sp?) – they will not sell any more singles or malt liquor.

H.  Article by a local architect regarding multi-unit dwellings distributed.

I.  Paul also sent a letter regarding the Columbia River Crossing yesterday.

J.  NECN Announcements:

Neighborhood small grants program underway at NECN.  Apps available on NECN website.  Flyers and workshops both available.

Energize NE – partnered with Umpqua Bank and Neil Kelly – Neil Kelly will do a home energy audit for $150 and then you get that back in rebate when you have work done.  And Umpqua offers some assistance.  Flyers and meetings available.

Safety and livability meetings ongoing.

Community economic development council meetings

Land use and transportation – city wide comprehensive plan review.

Schools committee too.

Information on all of the above available on the NECN website.


II.  North Williams proposed development – Aaron Wigod.  Site plan distributed.  Skidmore and N. Williams.  4 story – Mixed use development.  Retail 1st floor facing Williams and Skidmore and 3 stories of apartments above that (21 studios 30 1-bedroom 14 2-bedrooms).  35-45 off-street parking spaces.  2 curb cuts.  83 bike spaces; probably brick for retail and hardi-plank for the three stories of apartments.  Balcony all units, two roof top patios, bike repair, fitness center, media/community meeting room available for community meetings if we’d like.  Application submitted for Multi-unit limited tax exemption project treatment:  Developer gets 10-year pptax exemption in exchange for certain public benefits.  Commercial portion still taxable – but residential component has a 10-year exemption.  Consideration is 30% of units are affordable housing at 60% of median income – toward the higher end; 100 design attributes to increase accessibility and livability for people with disabilities; community meeting room.  Has to be lead silver certified.  Note that the reduced rentals to meet “affordability” requirements disappear at the end of the abatement period.

Should know by January whether application is approved.  Land use application by December hopefully.  Probably be out of the ground by end of next summer.

A community organization can use the media/community meeting room – by reservation with approval in advance.  No cost.

Rent for a 2-bedroom (guidelines set by HUD).  Thinks rent for a 2-bedroom is $985; 1-bedroom $860; Studios $720.  All utilities are included.

Similar properties for reference?  Maybe The Elbert – at Failing and Knowles – same program under the prior rules with 20% affordable housing – height wise similar – aesthetics a bit different.  52’ in height.

Suggestion that the developer reach out to Vendetta and the nearby church because this will of course impact them.

With all this development, is Williams still potentially to go down to one lane of car traffic?  Still the plan, per Paul – but at least a year out.

Who’s responsibility to ensure jobs go to minority businesses, etc.  One of the requirements is partaking in “good faith effort” process where you market  to MWESB (minority, women and emerging small businesses) for subcontracting.  How is this tracked?  Only real way is by registered businesses that are minority, women, emerging.  In reality out of the 20 big subcontractors – 5 will likely be MWESB.  When you go out on a big project like this – you might only get 5 MWESB applicants.  But they do make sure all get notice and an opportunity to bid.  He’ll let us know how many they actually wind up contracting with.

How many jobs created by this project?  Maybe 15-20 jobs in retail.  Maybe 2 or 3 in managing/leasing the projects.  Construction jobs – probably 150 over some part of the term – short term.

Other projects they’ve done?  440 units in Wilsonville; big project in Salem, one in Lebanon, Southpark Square downtown, working on 112 units in east Portland.  Most akin to this would be the mixed use they’re finishing in Wilsonville now – difference is it has structured parking under the building.  He can get us renderings if desired.  They own 1400 units – maybe 220K commercial space.  They try to hold them long term.

III.  2-lot partition at 5314 N Borthwick –  just south of Killingsworth Court – Kevin Partain.  Attached houses (row homes).  R2.5 zone allows for division in 2 – but they are proposing front-loaded garages which requires plan development so their application will be a 2-lot land division plus a plan development to allow those garages.  They’ve submitted the design – will probably change it to put the garages in the middle which would allow a little more on-street parking.  Surrounding area is a mix of zoning (higher density surrounds it – and some commercial and some institutional).   Existing homes are single level with finished attics.

Comment from board member that height of the building is not consistent with the surrounding houses.  Wonder if possible to eliminate garages to reduce building height to be more comparable to surrounding homes.  Feeling this house will overwhelm the surrounding houses . . . Developer rep. points out the area is not homogenous and there are buildings nearing the end of their economic life – that will not be subject to a Type II review – those landowners will be able to do this same thing and it won’t require any review . . .

Type II notice – comment period – then staff decision.

IV.  September Meeting Minutes. 

All had not reviewed prior to the meeting and we need to fill in some blanks.  So board members will get comments to Gretchen to make changes and redistribute for approval at the November meeting.

Follow-up item:  Agreement that HNA should follow up with the Matt regarding the discussions regarding Jefferson and meeting with the school board and actually having the naming issue and related issues on the agenda.  Discussion of how as a nation we tend to defend history rather than critically analyzing it.  Maybe a neighborhood exhibit with an opportunity for neighbors to sign a petition regarding the name change concept – and some education on who Jefferson was and what he did.  Let’s talk about that.

V.  HNA Website.  Problems with the website.  Can Will spend $100 for a consultant to help?  Yes.

VI.  Treasury.  Brian and Gretchen need to meet to discuss and transition those responsibilities.  Paul has a call in to U.S. Bank regarding that transition.

VII.  Intersection Painting Kimberly Jeka designed – Haight & Emerson – turned out beautifully.  See it on the Haight & Emerson Neighborhood Coalition Facebook page.

VIII.  Next newsletter should come out in December.

[Meeting Adjourned]

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