2018 December HNA Meeting Minutes





Board Members Present: Kym Jeka, John Ollis, Clifford Walker, Alicia Richards

Absent: Rosemary Brown, Kate Piper, Isa Dean, Abe Proctor

Minutes: Minutes from November were approved by John and seconded by Alicia.

Treasurer’s Report:Checking $1500 thanks to Kym asking for $500 from NECN for 2019. Savings $1209.00


Oliver from the new space at 3303 N. Mississippi was here to invite us to spread the word about his new business of shared office space, including free coffee, once a day fee has been transacted

Black Life ERG Humboldt Artist in Residence experiential research group, Lisa Bates, urban planner and artist Sharita Towne attended meeting to report on their project to tell the stories and record history of black residents. They will be working with students at Jefferson HS who are in the senior inquiry class about oral history. The N. Portland library may host more of their events esp in Black History Month. There will be a gallery show on April 2ndat Paragon Gallery on N. Killingsworth Information about the historic home of Avel Gordly to be used as a community center was discussed.


NECNKym went to the coalition wide land use and transportation meeting.

Libraryevents sheet was passed around.

Land Use Report:  Kate absent

PCC:Abe absent

Educational: Rosemary absent

Clifford, HNA Historian, passed around a work that his grandson Andre Walkercreated to reflect statistics about Humboldt neighborhood.

John Ollis, HNA Vice Chair, made a motion to vote on a $250 budget to host a neighborhood dinner by Mildred Sweet Treats for our next HNA meeting on Jan 9th, 2019 and seconded by Kym.  Kym wrote a check for Mildred. Mildred brought treats to share.

It was motioned by John and seconded by Clifford to pay Kym $60.00for printer ink for HNA distributed meeting materials.

Jessica shared information about the Portland Harbor SuperfundSite Updates and gave some materials.

Bylawsdiscussed to revise. NECN (Jessica Rojas) continues to provide revision guidance. We covered the Preamble, Article I, Article II, started Article III. We will continue to revise bylaws at 8:30 at each meeting

Upcoming Events/Meetings

Sustainable garden workshop will continue to be addressed, possibility for spring hosting.  Jessica from NECN will possibly help.

Air Quality Monitoring Station located in Humboldt /report will be presented Feb or March.

Meeting adjourned @ 9:00.

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