2018 November HNA Meeting Minutes



NOVEMBER 14, 2018



Board Members Present:

Kym Jeka, John Ollis, Clifford Walker, Abe Proctor, Kate Piper, Alicia Richards

Absent: Rosemary Brown, Isa Dean

Minutes: Minutes from October were amended to add Isa Dean as “at large” board member. Motion to approve by Kym, seconded by John.

Treasurer’s Report:checking $1000; savings $1209.00 and HNA paid $119.98 for web service GoDaddy, which will take us through 2021. (Kym reviewed some security issues re website and we will put off making a decision about web visibility for now).

Looks like all is in order with US Bank changeover as reported by Clifford.

Clifford wants all to feel comfortable with our funds, being transparent and legal.


NECNsubmission deadlines for content: Dec 5thfor winter issue of Hey Neighbor, which is circulated, to 22,000 households and 50,000 people.

Kym went to NECN board meeting where houselessness and crime prevention were discussed. 

Central City in Motion: Kym reported about voting on a letter to the mayor written on behalf of NECN about PBOT vision and growth over the next decades.

Clean air issue and data around Air Quality Testing Site @Kairos and old Salvation Army location discussed and whether the I-5 fwy proximity impacts air quality readings. Air Quality Group will present in Feb or March.

LibraryNovember events sheet was passed around.

Black Life Experiential Research group will come to meeting in Dec.

Land Use Report:  Kate reported that ADUs can be a good solution for people who can afford to build them.

Better than knocking down homes and rebuilding huge structures.

It is one of many options to increase housing stock.

City regulation of permit fees from vacation rentals not perfected.

PCC:Abe informed us that bldg. PCC sold across street from Paragon has no new tenant yet.

Education Report:Rosemary absent

Upcoming Events/Meetings:

New Homeless Shelter@MLK and Killingsworth will hold an open house On Sunday Nov 18thfrom 3-5pm. 

Clifford attended a meeting.  Richard informed us that the shelter would house up to 80 guests, veterans, disabled, couples, and individuals over 55.

Future HNA meetings:

Kym looked into several other facilities. Prentice reported we could meet at Abbey.  Salvation Army is possibility for December and a few calls still out to others.  January HNA meeting likely@ Unite Oregon on Killingsworth.

AKSNC(Alberta Killingsworth Safe Neighborhood Commission) next meeting is Tuesday Dec 11th9-10:30 am and Alicia will attend.

Let’s look at collaboration between HNA and police precinct.

ReachCDC Social Worker Patricia Haggerty spoke about the drive for goods/money for tenants in the bldg. she case manages on N. Vancouver and we will collect items at next HNA meeting. The partnership between the tenants and NA’s is 8 years strong and the gift drive is an annual event.

Patricia will send a wants/needs list to Kym.

Alberta Abbey Prentice reported on Movie night/book drive/11-30that the Abbey.

He also discussed the King meeting item about bike paths on 7thand 9thstreets.

2019 HNA priorities:

Revising bylawsin in process to make them user-friendlier.  Last time was 2011.

A motion to have a 30-day notice to make a new set of bylaws was made, seconded by John, no opposition. Specifically we want to include voting and the use of funds through email.

Action items Kym gave out to generate ideas

Recruitment:  A new guest recently relocated from France attended meeting and explained how he found us and about the  differences between the two styles of community.

Action items:

How do we want to manifest our Missionstatement?

Clean upis so successful annually, could we do it more x a year.

Could we have a guest speakerfor 1sthour and then have business meeting? Alumni from Jefferson is idea for speaker and more.

Clifford and Patton House history

He will initiate some contact, can we meet up and share community?

Looking at a map of our neighborhood and Alicia and Clifford to do walking tour

December HNA meeting:Kym will hire Mildred’s Sweet Treats to make 2 pies for next meeting where we will bring a can of food to our host, hopefully Salvation Army, and whatever we collected for Patricia and Reach.

Meeting Adjourned @9pm

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