2018 September Meeting Minutes


September 12, 2018


Present:Anne LaBorde, Kym Jeka, Kate Piper, John Ollis, Clifford Walker, Rosemary Brown

Absent:Abe Proctor

Minutes:Minutes from July motion to approve by John, seconded by Kym.

Treasurer’s Report:Metro did not increase reimbursement for hauling fees which significantly increased this year. HNA required to pay $225.58 towards balance. Hauler waived late charge.

HNA bank account balance is $2328.93. All proceeds from cleanup have been spent on $200 donation towards backpack program & this hauling charge. We will submit signage charges of $427.88 & copying charges of $62.50 to NECN for potential marketing/outreach funding.


Election Slate:Anne reported the following nominations:

Chair: Kym Jeka

Vice Chair: John Ollis

Secretary: Alicia Richards

Treasurer: Chair/Clifford Walker as Co-Signer

Board positions which are continuing: Historian: Clifford Walker, Members-at-Large: Kate Piper (Land Use Chair), Abe Proctor (PCC).

Education Specialist Rosemary Brown will continue as liaison w/ our neighborhood schools.

If no one agrees to be Treasurer, NECN can become our fiduciary sponsor & hold accounts. NA’s are required to have Chair, Vice Chair & Treasurer. Further discussion followed regarding specific duties of various positions. These are outlined in current HNA Bylaws, which are in much need of updating (last 2011).

Alicia (member) noted need for increased neighborhood/community involvement in HNA, & need for HNA to incentivize other members. Clifford encouraged HNA to become more flexible to present-day.

Anne affirmed that NA’s throughout are having this problem.

Jessica Rojas, NECN, shared that some NAs meet quarterly or every-other month, alternating w/ a community event (Jefferson HS events)—possibly joining w/ adjacent NAs.


Letter to School Board (see attached):Read & unanimous approval.


NECN Report(Kym): NECN has had a significant budget cut.

Albert Abbey Neighborhood Party 10/13 1PM- 10PM will showcase possibilities for the facility.

Humboldt Market @ PCC will be 9/27, 3-9PM.

Land Use(Kate):        Plan to make Portland more pedestrian friendly: www.pedpdx.com.

Requesting input on identified areas of safety & utilization concerns.

Air BNB development has expanded throughout the City. Owners are

not going thru the permit process, & it is difficult to enforce.



PRESENTATION: Defend Oregon, Thomas Adamson.

Review of upcoming ballot measures. Jessica Rojas, NECN notes NA’s may endorse Ballot Measures but not candidates. There has been much confusion about the Measures, given the wording. The following is intended to clarify.


SUPPORT Measure 102is a metro housing bond which will allow for public/private partnerships to unlock funding for affordable housing.

OPPOSE Measure 103:This measure creates a permanent tax loophole for industries associated w/ a misleading definition of “groceries.” Exempts these businesses but does not protect families’ purchases of soap, diapers, medicine. It is unnecessary; there is no tax on groceries, nor is one being proposed.

OPPOSE MEASURE 104: This measure would require a supermajority vote (beyond the existing requirement for tax increases) which will lock in tax loopholes & perks for special interests, & increase political gridlock.

OPPOSE MEASURE 105:This measure overturns our 1987 legislation prohibiting racial profiling.

OPPOSE MEASURE 106:This measure bans public money for funding reproductive medicine.

HNA Land Use Notices

2018 October HNA Meeting Minutes

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