2019 April HNA Minutes


APRIL 10, 2019


Board Members Present:

Kymberly Jeka, Clifford Walker, John Ollis, Alicia Richards, Abe Proctor, Isa Dean

Absent:Kate Piper, Rosemary Brown

Minutes: John moved to approve March minutes and Alicia seconded. 

Treasurer report:$1,172.01 checking account; $1209.02 savings account.  $20 form needed since Feb.

Kym purchased some supplies since last meeting for upcoming annual HNA cleanup event.  HNA logo .ai file needed,  so delay may happen with HNA swag products for clean up.  Greg Wick will volunteer his partner to help with this.


We need HNA rep at NECN meetings, 3rdTues of month 6:30-8pm, Max will consider.

Hey Neighborand Library Monthly Events info passed around. 

Tonight is the Friend and Family night at Chapel Pub and the proceeds/money will be used for our clean up day HNA swag bags.  Thanks Kymberly for perseverance!!

HNA members and Americorp volunteers will circulate the lawn signs, and cleanup flyers throughout Humboldt.  Info is on social media including Facebook & NextDoor.com Kym will update lawn signs.

PCC Report Abe Proctor:Oregon Court of Appeals is holding a session on April 11th.  Art opening on 13th, Black Life Experiential Group at Paragon Gallery on N. Killingworth 

Guests: Brandi Boersma from E. Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District.  Mission is to help care for land and water.  They give small and large grants to support education and give technical assistance.  They will host June meeting.

NECN chair Mariah to support our group.  Conversation with city code, April 30thoffice of community and civic life,

Upcoming Events/Meetings:

May meeting will beat The Alberta Abbey 126 NE Alberta St.

June meeting ECSWCD5211 N. Williams, between Sumner and Roselawn

AKSNC:  Alicia got on email list to attend future metings. April meeting cancelled.

HNA cleanupMay 18thwill be at Emmanuel Temple, 9:00-1:00, 1033 N. Sumner Ave.

John explained the Bottle Drop Bags.  We buy the bags for small fee and can be filled with recyclables and then proceeds earned go to HNA. 

June 1stOpen House for the EMSWCD

Priced Out Movie at Leaven on May 2ndFree

Adjourn meeting at 7:45

2019 March HNA Minutes

2019 May HNA Minutes

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