2019 December HNA Minutes


December 12, 2019


Board Members Present:

Alicia Richards, Kymberly Jeka, Brandi Boersma, Abe Proctor, Clifford Walker, and Richard Hunter John Ollis arrived later.  

Absent: Kate Piper


Minutes:  Abe moved to approve November minutes and Alicia seconded the move. Brandi requested an amendment to correct the acronym EMSWCD as it was misprinted in Nov. minutes

Abe PCC reported on PCC grant from Fred Meyer for food bank, $300,000.00

Treasurer report: 

$2350.71 checking account; $1000.00 savings account.  Bottle drop remains @$41.80. 

Hey Neighbor and Library info passed around 

Brandi EMSWCD reported on the NECN meeting: letter with HNA about residential infill.  Jessica stated a 6-plex versus 4-plex development was discussed.  Land use team of NECN was in disagreement.  

Jessica from NECN reported about EPA info. and Community involvement plan discussed.  HNA included in the geography.  Federal Opportunity Zones to keep up on.  Thanks to Jessica for advocating on behalf of the neighborhood. Suggested to ask Prosper Portland to present some information about community development funds.  Kymberly will contact PP.

Nextdoor.com Website invitation sent to Humboldt on Nextdoor monthly to attend HNA meeting instead of commenting on a thread about new development happening on N Vancouver and N Killingsworth.

A robust discussion was had about airbnb and shooting report in Humboldt.  

A discussion about the Lloyd Center ensued and the article in the Willamette Week.  Lloyd NA reached out to NECN to get support.  It was not met.  Thanks Kymberly for lending HNA support.  

Brandi will reach out to Portland Clean Energy Fund regarding funds and what might be available to our neighborhood.  Richard spoke to this money and how it can be used.  


Humboldt Park Brandi and Michelle DePass did some edits, including inserting the date of August 2000.  HNA supports the letter and a final draft will be disseminated and sent.

Land use:  John will have more on this matter at a future meeting.  

Developers on N Killingsworth have invited the public to fill out a survey, which is on the HNA Facebook page, asking community members for input on types of business for new lower level retail space at property development of N Vancouver and N Killingsworth. 

HNA continues to work with the developers to honor interest to have small businesses rent there. 

CMPC Conceptual Master Plan Committee for Jefferson HS Richard and Kymberly are CMPC chosen members who attend this meeting to help plan what updates will be incorporated into the JHS master plan.  Then the entire community will be invited to the conversation.  It will be a large bond for PPS on the ballot that is long overdue to be awarded for JHS.  Kymberly appreciates the opportunity to be on the committee to provide input.

Neighborhood Clean Up Kymberly attended the first meeting.  Neighborhoods are banding together as clean-up funding has diminished to be able to continue to provide this important resource to neighborhoods.

Placemaking Grant $5,000.00 is available, up to Feb 3rd deadline from Metro.

Upcoming Events/Meetings

HNA JAN meeting will be back at Jefferson HS Blazer Room

PSAC Meeting: Richard Hunter will attend

AKSNC:  Alicia will attend next meeting

Adjourn meeting 9 pm

2019 November HNA Minutes

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