2019 February HNA Meeting Minutes


FEBRUARY 13, 2019



Board Members Present:

Kymberly Jeka, John Ollis, Clifford Walker, Abe Proctor, Alicia Richards

Absent:Rosemary Brown, Isa Dean, Kate Piper

Minutes: John moved to approve Dec ’18 and Jan ’19 minutes and Alicia seconded the move. 

Treasurer report:

$1,192.01 checking account; $1209.01 savings account.


Hey Neighbornewspaper passed around. 

Library sheet was given out.

Adopt a NeighborPatricia Haggarty reported 84 total items from HNA and Alberta Abbey for their residents.  The Reach Organization is very grateful.

Budget cutsat NECN. 

HNA cleanupMay 18thpartnering again with Emmanuel Temple.

Jefferson HS principal reported the track field to be used for public as long as gates are open on N. Commercial side.

Three heritage treesin Humboldt with map sent around.


KOZ Developersfrom Seattle absent due to weather.

Lime Oregon:  Company’s goal is to introduce transportation models to encourage fewer cars on road.  Brought a scooter as example and explained their goals.  Company is App friendly; pay as go, ($1 to open and $.15 ea minute); low income 50% of that; will have 12-month pilot starting in 2019. Parking issues with scooters were addressed as one problem.

DEQ staff was here to report on NATTS (National Air Toxics Trends Site) at Kairos.  Reports were given to us about comparing air quality around the area regarding pollutants. Some legislative and health issues were covered.  Sites have different goals for pollutants. 90% of our toxins are below benchmarks in Humboldt.

PCC:Abe reported African Film Festival is happening and successful.  

Town Hall Mtgon Feb 2ndwith Lew Frederick and Tawna Sanchez regarding affordable housing was a large success and well attended event.  Key issues regarding education discussed. Tax increasesto help with higher education is needed. PCC will have to make drastic cuts and raise tuition35% this year and then same next year if legislature cannot raise more money.  

Shooting in Humboldt: Two young men from PCC targeted in a shooting on N. Killingsworth & Commercial on Feb 7th.  A suspect has been apprehended. 

AKSNC Albina Killingsworth Safe Neighborhood Coalition dinner meeting occurred. Next meeting is March 12th9am at PCC.

Bylaws:Revising rescheduled to continue @ March meeting.

Upcoming Events/Meetings

March meeting will be at June Delta House in Humboldt on Ainsworth & Albina.

April 10HNA meeting & fundraiser will be at Chapel Pub.

Interstate Firehouse CulturalCenterto host a Jefferson Alumni Assn Fundraiser on Sat. March 23rd

Alberta Abbey: Coming to America showing Mon Feb 25th

Adjourn meeting at 9:00

2019 January HNA Meeting Minutes

2019 March HNA Minutes

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