2019 March HNA Minutes


MARCH 13, 2019


Board Members Present:Kymberly Jeka, Clifford Walker, John Ollis, Alicia Richards

Absent:Abe Proctor, Rosemary Brown, Isa Dean

Minutes: John moved to approve February minutes and Alicia seconded. 

Treasurer report:$1,172.01 checking account; $1209.02 savings account.  


Hey NeighborNewspaperand Library info passed around. 

PSACmeeting Kym attended.  It will go to quarterly due to low attendance, 376 officers for 97 neighborhoods for 58 sq miles.

Black Life Experiential Research Groupasked HNA to vote on hanging a banner over N. Killingsworth for their exhibition at Paragon Gallery. Alicia moved and John seconded in support.  

20 year pocket park Albina Green party Anne Greenwoodwill write grant on behalf of HNA.  Clifford made a motion for grant.  Kymberly and John seconded it.

NECN we have $1200.00 for HNA to use for annual 05/18/19 clean up day.  


KOZ Development: Josh and Cathyupdated on project for N. Killingsworth and N. Vancouver.  18-62 age range. 88 dwelling units, 3 live/work on N. Vancouver side; others are 2-3 bedroom/studio/1 room.  Eliminated windows on north side to give privacy for facing neighbors.  They want suggestions for the two retail spots on N. Killingsworth. Changes to N. Moore to include more patio space. Breaking ground May/June ’19. Prices range from $950-1700.00 (the higher end for 2 retail spots). HNA request small business versus corporate/chain for retail.

Bottledrop Fundraising   Anna Richie:She explained the fundraising goals of the blue bags.  Deposit containers are collected and redeemed, 10 cents ea.  Closest redemption spots are 124thand NE Glisan and another one at Hayden Meadows.  Single use containers are the majority of collectibles. A vote was held, John moved and Kymberly seconded the move to make application for the program and to enroll and disperse bags at HNA neighborhood clean up event.

UP Social Work students Maggie S, Marian G, and Megan Dattended HNA meeting to learn about the neighborhood, strengths and weaknesses of HNA to complete a thesis about their observations.  Clifford in particular gave an overview of history from his perspective. Marie Smith Center discussed.  Goals of HNA were explained. Park for Humboldt discussed, as part of promised original 1970s ICURA urban renewal, which has not been realized.

OurOregon.org Jose Luis and Kevin Sullivan OR school funding discussed.  Their request is for us individually to share our stories in support of their mission.  They dispersed some information regarding the tax system and how it negatively impacts school funding and how to get involved to help.

Upcoming Events/Meetings

April HNA meeting held at the Chapel Pub in Humboldt for HNA Friends and Family Night benefit.

Interstate Firehouse CulturalCenter to host a Jefferson Alumni Assn Fundraiser on 03/23

AKSNC:  No meeting in March, Alicia got on email list to attend future meetings

HNA cleanup05/18 at Emmanuel Temple, 9:00am-1:00pm, 1033 N. Sumner Ave.

Adjourn meeting at 9:00

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2019 April HNA Minutes

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