2019 November HNA Minutes


NOVEMBER 14, 2019

Jefferson High School 5210 N Kerby Ave 97217 

Board Members Present:

Alicia Richards, Kymberly Jeka, John Ollis, Kate Piper, Richard Hunter, and Brandi Boersma

Absent: Abe Proctor, and Clifford Walker

Minutes:  Alicia moved to approve October minutes and John seconded the move. All in favor with one abstention. 


Treasurer report: 

As of 11.14.19, $1900.71 checking account; $1000.00 savings account.  Bottle drop $41.80.  We are going to receive a $500 check from NECN this month.  Alberta Abbey was given $50.00 for movie event for Dec 6th.  One year renewal of Go Daddy website @ $119.00 was also paid by Kymberly.

We may use some of the NECN grant for a December social.  

Hey Neighbor Newspaper and Library info passed around as well as a flyer about a blanket and sock drive.


We have no formal guests for tonight’s meeting.

Cory, HOA president in a new bldg. located in Humboldt, came to our meeting to find out history of ODOT situation near the I-5 and is Richard’s suggested HUCIRP, which is a service program from the city to help homelessness.  There is also a “toolkit” on our Facebook page for resources for homelessness.

A VOTE tonight to invite Brandi Boersma from EMWSCD into HNA as member at large.   Kymberly moved to vote and John seconded the move.  Welcome Brandi.  


Humboldt Park letter that will be sent to Portland Parks and Recreation was reviewed and Brandi agreed to look at two letters and will condense for a final letter, and then we will vote on it as a board. 

Land use:  John will have Land Use updates at the next meeting.  

Developers on N. Killingsworth & N. Vancouver have invited the public to fill out a survey, which is on our HNA Facebook page, asking community input for types of retail business for the new property.

CMPC Conceptual Master Plan Committee for Jefferson HS Richard and Kymberly attend this meeting to help plan what updates will be incorporated into the master plan.  Then the entire community will be invited to the conversation.  Paul Anthony spoke in regards to the time line.  The potentially large future bond, and an overview of what the process will involve was had tonight.  Kymberly appreciates the opportunity to be on the committee for input.

Neighborhood Clean Up It looks like the event process will change.  Kymberly will be attending an NECN meeting to get more information.  

A general discussion about the HNA and our meaning in the community was had tonight.  We are a strong group and yet we admit we have ebbs and flows of attendance, and hope to see more community members become more involved.  

NECN update: flight pattern and the noises from the military flights; budget overview; code change; residential infill plan; by-laws revision; air quality issues coming up with neighbors; Zenith plant crude oil complaints about transparency. 

Metro Placemaking Grant $5,000.00 available to community organizations such as HNA. Deadline is 02/03/20

Paul Anthony reminded us about a grant from PCC.  Kymberly will follow up with Abe.

Kymberly gave some information to PPS board regarding electric buses for the school.

Upcoming Events/Meetings

HNA DEC 12TH meeting will be social at Chapel Pub.

PSAC Meeting: Richard Hunter will attend

AKSNC:  Alicia Richards will attend Dec meeting

Lift Every Voice film screening at Alberta Abbey on Dec 6th.  

11/23 Eco Fest at Alberta Abbey 1-4pm

Meeting adjourned 8:55 pm

2019 October HNA Minutes

2019 December HNA Minutes

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