2019 October HNA Minutes



Board Members Present:

Alicia Richards, Kymberly Jeka, John Ollis, Richard Hunter, Clifford Walker

Absent: Kate Piper (leave of absence) Abe Proctor

Minutes:  Alicia moved to approve September minutes and John seconded the move. 


Treasurer report: 

$2020.59 checking account; $1000.00 savings account.  Bottle drop $41.80.  We received donations of $60 from the Albina Green Event from supporters.

Hey Neighbor Newspaper and Library info passed around


Michelle DePass from PPS Board she explained a renewal levy 26-207. It will cover 800 teachers.  It requires no new taxes.  Usually passes with 60%.  Clifford, our historian, asked Michelle if she is aware of the desire to remove the Jefferson statue.  She did not know about it but supports its removal.  A conversation ensued about how to move forward with this in light of the racism that continues to be experienced in our community and nation.   We are grateful she is on the board with all her wisdom and love of community.  She is looking for families, who would qualify for a $40,000 home repair loan.  Anti displacement is the goal.  Prosper Portland is giving money for this grant.  She is looking for over 24 families who can qualify.  

Eric Fruits, Ballot Measure 26-203

His group, They Always Want More, is against the bond measure that Metro is supporting which is asking for support for protecting water quality, fish, wildlife habitat, and natural areas.  His concern is the taxes that will be raised on account of this bond, and what are the services being delivered on this bond? 

Albina Green, Anne Greenwood reported on the 20 yr anniversary of the greenspace in Humboldt.

It was a great success, and included quilts, music, food, and some interest in using the park for the musicians/film makers.  @AlbinaGreenPark on instagram for more info. 

Williams/Vancouver business Assoc, Dane told us about trick or treating, at the businesses and on the Tues after thanksgiving businesses will donate a portion of profits to SEI and other organizations.

Tony from Humboldt Gardens   Explained a notice that the waitlist is opening in October for low-income housing. 


Kymberly, Richard, & Clifford went to Jefferson HS for a tour and discussed the CMPC (Conceptual Master Plan) to improve the campus.

AKSNC Alicia and Kym attended.  A member of the OCCL Office of Community and Civic Life attends, and Neighborhood Watch is now Neighbors Together.

Abbey Race and Place event attended by Richard and Alicia and reported on the event.  Highlight of the night was Richard’s quote about how women are being more empowered, and are present in more high-level jobs locally and nationally.

PSAC Richard attends this meeting and reported on its work.

LAND USE John reported on the last meeting.  Focus on infill projects.  By 2035, 100,000 households predicted growth.  Density is focus.  Zoning R1 denser, near transportation, commercial.  Central city is more dense, how to get affordable housing in that area?  Anti displacement discussed.  Spring 2020 is when zoning will be voted on.

NECN is offering $500 so we are encouraged to take advantage of the funds.  We will email ideas to each other before the next meeting.

Upcoming Events/Meetings

HNA NOV 14th meeting will be at Jefferson High School

PCC town hall Oct 26 Lew Frederick and Tawna Sanchez will attend

PSAC Meeting: Richard Hunter will attend

AKSNC:  Alicia Richards will attend Dec meeting

Albert Abbey Oregon Humanities Wed Nov 6th What is cultural appropriation?  

Re Use fair in November, stay tuned.  

Lift Every Voice movie may be event in December.

Adjourn meeting  9:15pm

2019 September HNA Minutes

2019 November HNA Minutes

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