2019 September HNA Minutes


09/ 11/19

PCC Cascade Campus

Board Members Present:

Alicia Richards, Kymberly Jeka, John Ollis, & Richard Hunter

Absent: Clifford Walker, Abe Proctor, Kate Piper (leave of absence)

Minutes:  John moved to approve July minutes and Alicia seconded the move.  July meeting was shared with King neighborhood @ NECN. 

Treasurer report:  $1960.59 checking account; $1000.00 savings account.  Bottle drop $41.80

Kymberly explained two grants HNA can apply for, PBOT due in 2 days, Mult Co Cultural Foundation, 

Hey Neighbor  and  Library info passed around


Alberta Abbey Prentice Onayemi and Mark Takiguchi ED @ The Abbey discussed the change of zoning process the Abbey is undergoing from operating as a church to an arts facility. They are finally at the point the application is complete and Oct 23 is the hearing date.  The Abbey would like our support for this process so they will come to Oct meeting to tell us more.

Mark is very interested in working with neighbors to creative effective programming.  

The Office of Community and Civic Life’s Winta Yohannes, from Chloe Eudaly’s office came to present on the code change.  She acknowledged that the process for the code change was not communicated well. A very passionate discussion ensued including attendees giving their perspective on where their disappointments are about the work of the code change committee.

Winta did a nice job giving us a brief history of The Office of Civic Life, how it was created to help the city be more inclusive, asking if NA’s meet the needs of all? 

People feel trust has been compromised and the city needs to rebuild it.

Nov 14th is the date for the city council meeting.  We are encouraged to attend.

Cleaning up standards is the goal of the city office, Winta confirmed that this meeting discussion will be shared with her office.

Grant Williams, Humboldt resident & business owner came to speak about a new zoning ordinance put into effect that would be a hardship to his affordable lodging business at 710 N. Alberta, with a $4.00 per person per night fee forcing him to close.  He asked if the HNA would not oppose the zoning exception he is requesting.  HNA decided to defer a vote and do so by email after the meeting to weigh in with other board members.


National Night Out at both PCC and Peninsula Park very successful in August

Walk Williams 2nd Wed of Month, May-Oct Brandi of EMWSCD explained program of local businesses encouraging community and fun.

PSAC update:  Richard attended and discussed the HUCIRP (Homelessness and Urban Camping Impact Reduction Program), which the city has $$ for homeless issues, and he explained the services available from the city for homeless population.  Chronic homelessness named as big problem. 

Land Use Planning: John Ollis discussed some zoning issues going into effect, which are in the public hearing stage.  Better Housing by Design is focusing on density.  Transportation corridors are highlighted for areas to do density planning.  John brought up issue of electric cars down the road.  

Upcoming Events/Meetings

HNA Oct meeting will be forthcoming on the 2nd Thursday of the month.  Kymberly will look into future meetings at Jefferson HS.

PSAC Meeting: Richard Hunter will attend

AKSNC:  Alicia Richards will attend Oct meeting

Alberta Abbey Oct 2nd “Race and Place: Racism and Resilience in Oregon’s Past and Future”.

Albina Green party Oct 6th 4-9 pm.  Anne Greenwood presented on updates on the 20-year anniversary celebration event.  There will be an installation of textile arts in the park, as textile month is October.  Forty blankets that have been made from recycled wool from Pendleton Mills and sewn by Portland Garment Factory workers, as well as by Anne, will be sold in a silent auction and the proceeds will go to the various arts/music /film groups that will be participating in the event.  Food by Po Shines will be available and local businesses will be making donations.  We agreed a loan to Anne could be made on the condition it be repaid at the time of the blanket sales, as HNA has previously provided the event with money for park improvements.

Meeting adjourned @ 9:30pm

2019 JULY HNA Minutes

2019 October HNA Minutes

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