2020 February HNA Minutes


February 13, 2020

Jefferson High School, Blazer Room, 5210 N. Kerby Ave

Board Members Present:

Alicia Richards, Kymberly Jeka, Abe Proctor, John Ollis, Clifford walker, Brandi Boersma, and Richard Hunter, member at large

Absent:  Kate Piper


Minutes:  Alicia moved to approve January minutes and Abe seconded the move. 

Treasurer report: 

$2058.96 checking account; $1000.00 savings account.  Bottle drop $47.45

Hey Neighbor and Library info passed around 

Land Use John reported about the concern that Aaron, a resident on N. Going who is concerned about development on his street. The 3 story 6-unit condo on this lot may be built is worrisome to him and his family.  John explained some of the city codes regarding this.   Developer AV Pacific LLC was invited to this meeting and did not to come.  Parking is a theme that John often brings up at the meetings.  Letter from Woodlawn NA was passed around.  What does “affordability” mean?  Housing opportunities from faith-based groups was addressed.  

PCC Abe Proctor African Film Festival happening now on campus, Wed-Sun. through entire month.  30th Year!! Longest running film festival of the US. Banners to highlight Humboldt Neighborhood discussed with Pres Edwards.  She is interested, and curious about the cost.  Kymberly sent email to Abe and he will report back to President.  PCC Cascade/Humboldt Neighborhood alternating down Killingsworth in Humboldt.  HNA may be able to contribute some funding as well. Pacific Power installs the banners on their property on city streets.  It is a way to let community know what neighborhood they are in. 

HNA neighborhood clean up will happen on 05/09/20 partnering with King Neighborhood in it’s 4th year @ Emmanuel Temple Church.  6 dumpsters with KNA providing the 2 extra.  HNA may attend a King NA mtg to discuss details if necessary inviting ET Church.  

NET (Neighborhood Emergency Team), Kymberly attended training meeting and we are looking for a storage place for the BEECN materials.  Alicia will check in with Cherry Sprout.  Kymberly will ask June Key Delta.  John will ask Albina Press.  We are looking for a secure place for our BEECN cache within Humboldt 5 blocks proximity to JHS. 

NECN and PBOT Brandi reported on the street project as well as Save Columbia Pool movement.   NECN small grant project will continue.  


Jacob Brostoff , Community Safety Coordinator with the Office of Community and Civic Life.  His group does community training for groups free of charge.  Neighbors Together has replaced Neighborhood Watch. Profile the suspicious behavior rather than the person when calling 911.  Use non-emergency when not life threatening.  Witness description as describing someone top to bottom, outside to inside. Personal Safety Training is also offered.  Funding for Neighborhood Coalitions guaranteed for at least 3 years.  Office of City Life will look at how NA’s will be supported going into the future.  

PSAC Public Safety Action Committee used to meet for crime prevention.  That has died down.  Model that the Westside has adopted has some traction, and they are a non-profit.  Is the North Precinct moving in that direction, and no meeting with the commander has happened.  


HNA letter was sent to DEQ re regulations about emissions, as was supported by the board.

Land use:  John will have more on this matter at a future meeting.  

KOZ Developers on N. Killingsworth have invited the public to fill out a survey, which is on the HNA Facebook page, asking citizen input for types of retail business for the new property at N Vancouver and N. Killingsworth. Survey report circulated and coffee/dining highest on list. We had a conversation about the retail space and hope the developers will honor their interest to have small businesses rent there.  Kym has also talked with developer about some problems at job site and they were mitigated quickly.

Upcoming Events/Meetings

HNA March meeting will be at JHS continuing in the Blazer Room, as well as meetings through June.  PBOT will speak regarding the rollout for the parking permit pilot involving Humboldt.

PSAC Meeting: Richard Hunter will attend upcoming

AKSNC:  Alicia will attend next meeting

April 9th HNA meeting / Fundraiser will be Friends and Family Night at Chapel Pub 

Clean up May 9th Emmanuel Temple 9am-1pm Fliers for event coming soon

Adjourn meeting 9 pm

2020 January HNA Minutes

2020 March HNA Minutes

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