2020 January HNA Minutes


January 9, 2020

Jefferson High School,5210 N Kerby, Blazer Room, off of Commercial Ave

Board Members Present:

Kymberly Jeka, John Ollis, Alicia Richards, Clifford Walker, Richard Hunter, and Abe Proctor

Absent: Kate Piper, Brandi Boersma, 


Minutes:  Alicia moved to approve December minutes and Abe seconded.  All in favor.

Treasurer report: 

$2058.96 checking account; $1000.00 savings account.  Bottle drop $41.85. 

Hey Neighbor for which John Ollis wrote an article, and Library info passed around 

Land Use: John Ollis – Dec Land Use meeting cancelled.

NECN Report: Kymberly attended in January.  Lots going on with election, passing of Nick Fish, Residential infill Plan, funding and Civic Life.  Vice Chair of NECN Exec Board suing city re not complying with some demolition rules.  It doesn’t behoove HNA to become non-profit especially as related to liability insurance used from NECN. Non-Profits would have to buy put of pocket.

PCC Update: Abe Proctor – PCC bond funds not available for HNA / Jan Town Hall meeting/  many guest speakers / events @ PCC coming up

HNA neighborhood clean up Kym will attend 2nd Community Collection Event meeting in Jan @NECN and will report back in Feb.

Humboldt Park letter: Sent to City Council & PP&R / distributed and Kym will post.  


Mary Peveto Neighbors for Clean Air, presented on Deconstructing Diesel 

She got involved 11 years ago after reading a study and looking up Chapman School air quality and finding it was at bottom 2% due to proximity of industry.  Other schools in Portland really bad levels as well.  Lack of data is not issue within state, but rather public knowledge. Toxic hotspots are not measured.  Air permitting program for industry came out of health standards, not just technology standards.  Diesel particulates also really high, up to 800% of what considered ok.  Air pollution 460 deaths a year are considered “legal” within regulatory standards.  HB 2007 passed in last session and will deal with heavy emissions cars/trucks within the next year.  City municipalities are very supportive of Neighbors for Clean Air.

Past postal worker Jamie Partridge with Community and Postal Workers United passed around petition for us to support ending Consolidated test in 97217.  We are invited to attend an event Sat Jan 25th 9:30-10:30.


KOZ Developers on N. Killingsworth have invited the public to fill out a survey, which is on our HNA Facebook page, asking citizen input for types of retail business for the new property at N Vancouver and N. Killingsworth. Survey report circulated and coffee/dining highest on list. We had a conversation about the retail space and hope the developers will honor interest to have small businesses rent there.  Kym has also talked with developer about some problems at job site and KOZ quickly responded.  

Place making Grant $5,000.00 is available, up to Feb 3rd deadline from Metro.   Anne Greenwood reported via text that she and collaborators have too much going on to work on this grant, and hoping they can do it next year.  

Upcoming Events/Meetings

HNA Feb meeting will be at Jefferson HS, as well as meetings through June.  After our business mtg, we will go to Enjoni Café to eat.  All are welcome

PSAC Meeting: Richard Hunter will attend

AKSNC:  Alicia will attend next meeting

Postal Forum with Rep Earl Blumenauer, Jan 25th 9:30-10:30

PCC Jan 30th Town Hall about 2020 Legislative Session

30th PCC Film Festival, Thursday/Friday/Saturday Free of charge.  Open event at Hollywood theatre

Adjourn meeting 9 pm

2020 February HNA Minutes

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