2020 June HNA Minutes


June 11, 2020  Zoom Meeting/ HNA ELECTION

Board Members Present: Alicia Richards, Kymberly Jeka, Abe Proctor, Kate Piper, Brandi Boersma, Richard Hunter Absent:  John Ollis, except as needed by text to confirm voting results.

Minutes:  Brandi moved to approve May minutes and Richard seconded the move. 

Treasurer report: $2038.96 checking account; $1000.00 savings account.  Bottle drop $53.35 

Emmanuel Temple Pandemic Food Distribution: Alicia volunteered at this successful & well attended event in both in number of volunteers and the public who benefited from all the food given out.

On-Line Fundraiser: Kym told us details about this opportunity.

Board Elections: John reported via text that the voting was unanimous for all existing positions except one abstention for a member at large.  All positions will remain the same. Megan Larson elected as new member at large. Welcome!!

Meetings: Richard reported on meetings and events he has attended, including the Elliot Neighborhood Tour. Also an event at SEI was held by Black Resilience Fund for testing non-symptomatic POC for Covid.

We discussed the fact that a new police chief has been named, Chuck Lovell, who was the resource officer at Jefferson HS during his career.

PCC Abe Proctor reported that as of now, his job remains stable.  The president of PCC has moved on, and the institution will no longer have presidents at each campus.  He will now report to someone at Sylvania campus but will still attend HNA meetings as a PCC Cascade campus representative. Abe told us about a study put out by U of Berkeley about how many lives were saved during Covid because of the collective measures taken around physical distancing.  He is the contact for the Albina Killingsworth Safe Neighborhood Coalition (AKSNC) if those meetings continue. PCC Summer term will be on-line.  Fall term as well, except in the case of internships, or hands on learning such as welding, and measures to protect students and faculty will be followed.

Land Use Kate stated she has not been to any meetings, hence no new info to report. Adam Barrett who attended meeting had an update about two properties on N. Williams which are privately owned, and N. Alberta where housing will go in, insofar as some information that got discussed during the May meeting.

NECN Brandi Kym and Jessica reported on minutes from meeting.  There will be a NECN board election this month.  The newspaper for summer will be published.  Jessica thanked HNA for sponsoring the 350 Green New Deal Zoom meeting last month

Kymberly’s letter from HNA will be circulated for our edits.  On Tuesday she will finalize and send to city/county/state/federal representatives.  This letter addresses the support we show post the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent marches and protests of current events.

Ongoing:  A discussion about the houselessness situation and how NA’s are responding. Kate made a motion for the Outreach committee headed by Richard, to officially get off the ground.  He will contact interested Board members to brainstorm ideas to grow our HNA family.  Megan seconded this.  Brandi offered to print some material from her office.  Mark Takiguchi who attended meeting stated that if we have an event, we could use the Alberta Abbey.  One idea is the revisit the renaming of Jefferson HS, and the removal of the statue of the slave owner.  We are asked to sign a petition for Change .org regarding the activism related to the murder of George Floyd created along with HNA’s letter.  

Richard announced a park renaming in SW Portland after a member of the Rutherford family.  It was previously called Lynchwood Park. Many institutions are getting remnamed.

Megan gave an update on the ICE situation related to Latinx demographic at marches.  

Governor Brown postponed the opening of Multnomah County and other counties going to Phase II.  She wants to wait a week due to the effect the protests and other counties opening in Phase I possibly related to the increase of Covid cases.

Maplewood Neighborhood Association wrote a letter regarding the defunding of police.  

Upcoming Events/Meetings

HNA July meeting will again be meeting on Zoom.  Open to ALL who wish to attend.  No August meeting.  

AKSNC:  Alicia will attend next meeting

Adjourn meeting 9 pm

2020 May HNA Minutes

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