2020 May HNA Minutes


May 14, 2020 7pm-9pm

Zoom Meeting: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/841081892 

Meeting ID: 841 081 892

7pm zoom updates cause meeting complications, new zoom meeting created @715pm 

Board Members Present: Kymberly Jeka, John Ollis, Abe Proctor, Brandi Boersma, Kate Piper 

Absent: Alicia Richards, Richard Hunter, Clifford Walker

Minutes: Kymberly motion to approve April minutes, Abe seconds, April Minutes approved.

Treasurer report: 

$2038.96 checking account; $1000.00 savings account.  Bottle drop $53.35 

$20 CT-12 Oregon Charities filed with Department of Justice HNA annual filing fee submitted to Portland on 03/07/20 by Kymberly

Land Use: John Ollis reports meetings continue to be cancelled.


7:25PM Blandena House- Gambling/Strip Club House is has shut down as of last week.  Protest and Article assumed to have work. Report Problems to Noise Office or Office of Community and Civic Life as they handle “Civil Penalties” You can report a continual noise problem 10PM-7AM to the city Civil Code Violation Time Place Manner – Can be used to report and shut stuff down as a violation. Problem-Short Staff Police Bureau Reminder- Jails/Prisons are letting people out with small charges due to pandemic Overall Response from HNA “Glad it got cleaned up!” 

John Ollis Update: Albina Greens is looking great. New planters. Encouraged HNA to visit while practicing social distancing. 

PCC Update: There has been a major drop off of enrollment & revenue. Many students are not equipped for online learning. Programs that require time in lab/workshop had to cancel entirely. Forecasting enormous drop off in revenue. The governor asked to do a model and PCC reported 40% estimate revenue loss. Layoffs will happen. Abe concerned about job loss and does not know who will step in to his position or PCC relationship with HNA. HNA wishes to support Abe in holding his position. Current PCC President, Dr. Edwards is leaving for Clark Community College position. 

PSCAC/PCCEP: Richard Hunter Not Present. Zoom Complications. 

NOTE: 7:30PM Community member Adam B. tried to contact prosper Portland. No one has gotten back about the houses that have been marked by developers. Issues with squatters at these homes and he reported activity to the city. 

NECN Report: Kymberly has received notification of concern where are green spaces where people can safely camp in each neighborhood?

NOTIFIED WE WOULD BE KICKED OFF ZOOM in 8 minutes at 7:40PM Jessica @NECN can schedule meetings with their zoom account” since the zoom upgrade no longer allocates enough time.

HNA Elections: Doodle Poll will be created for HNA June elections on Social Media and emailed to HNA contact list to hold election due to COVID-19. HNA board approves. Brandi, John, & Megan will prepare online voting.  Jessica @NECN will likely facilitate.

Upcoming Events/Meetings

HNA May meeting will be a zoom meeting for all residents and business owners of Humboldt that would like to join, have news, or desire to express their concern regarding current events.  Welcoming any helpful information to aid in resources for all affected.  

05/21/20 Green New Deal Zoom Cosponsored by HNA & VNA – All are encouraged to participate in this important commonsense proposal to address climate change and inequality. 

06/06/20 Reminder: Emmanuel Temple Church will have a Food & Quarantine Kit Giveaway while adhering to social distancing Noon-2pm THEY ARE IN NEED of DONATIONS See Flyer please on how to help.

Meeting adjourned 8 pm

2020 April HNA Minutes

2020 June HNA Minutes

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