2009 April Meeting Minutes

Humboldt Neighborhood Association Meeting

April 13,2009


  • NE Precinct Liaison- Amanda McMillan 503-823-5795

Humboldt Resident: house on Blandena and Vancouver- Think it’s an “after-hours,” people coming late at night and leaving in the morning


Always make a police report if there is a crime- the statistics matter. If things don’t get reported, there will be less police in the neighborhood.


What can we do as neighbors to protect ourselves and our property? You can detain someone on your property if they are committing a crime, in order to turn them over to the police. If you are going to get a security camera, either get an inexpensive one that has a red light and scans or invest in a good one that can see a license plate and/or face.


Humboldt business owner: What are my rights as a business owner as drugs and fights become an issue as the weather gets better?


For us to effectively put pressure on a business by making a case, we need police calls and police reports. Keep calling when there are problems. Takes time to build a case. Call when there is loitering in the parking lot.


For OLCC, need reports of intoxicated people and to be able to tie it back to the location


March 19th, 1:20 in the afternoon, shots were fired at Killingsworth and Commercial. Man firing shots from KC market or corner toward the library. No handgun recovered and no suspect named.


Under or behind something is the way to be when shots are fired- think about something hard (cars, curbs). What are you going to do? Especially if you have kids- make sure you have a plan. Emergency planning, just like you would for a natural disaster- Amanda is willing to advise homeowners or businesses about emergency procedures.


Chronic or on-going issues are the ones Amanda generally handles.


  • Graffiti Abatement- heard from the city that services will not be cut.


  • OLCC

Currently focus on minors’ ability to get alcohol, not on livability issues (noise, parking, violence, etc).  HNA will be drafting a letter to support HB 3201 which will broaden the focus of the OLCC.


  • Abe Procter- had to leave early, left a letter

Bond sale seems to be going well

Decided to handle project management internally

Selection committee should be convening soon- Brian Murtagh will be a part of that



  • Lauren from the NECN Lauren@necoalition.org

Piedmont Presbyterian Church- Volunteer Fair from 10-12 on Saturday, May 2nd

Contact Lauren if you are interested in helping to staff the table,

Very active social ministry, they would be a very good organization for us to be in touch with

Powerful or Polarized- St Andrew’s Church’s April 30th

Farmer’s market- May 3rd, every Sunday from 10-2

Spring Clean-Ups

Door knocking with a Humboldt survey- made by the PTA, primarily about Humboldt Elementary and parks

Neighborhood Association Board Networking Night- every first Thursday of the month. Share skills and resources, next one is May 6th


  • Humboldt Clean-Up

June 13th in the vacant lot across from Jefferson High School and behind Chapel Pub

3 Dumpsters, trash, yard debris and recycling- free area

Sorting piles

Multi-language marketing- Flyers, emails, word of mouth

Can distribute with the school


  • Next ICURAC parks meeting- April 30th


  • Evan- ICURAC Transportation

We have been heard about lighting on the Alberta St Overpass- looks hopeful


  • Susan- Farmer’s Market

It’s a joint effort between NECN and Portland Farmers Market

Making sure that it’s accessible for low-income residents

Accepting Oregon Trail, doing marketing to local businesses and schools

Vulnerable, especially in the early stages- encourage you to come!

Reaching out to African-American congregations


  • Anne Greenwood- Mural at Albina Green near Cherry Sprout

Working with two artists that live in the neighborhood

Writing a grant right now for the Regional Arts and Culture Council- submitting the proposal on May 6th and will be notified in early June

Miller donated all the paint and is giving a discount on anti-graffiti sealant

Will have a party at the end of the project

Cherry Sprout is supportive of the mural


Michael Calahan– building owner

There are cracks in the wall that are not structural, but I can’t fix them without ruining the existing mural

Hopefully this grant comes through


The grant meeting will be in the park with the artists, encourage anyone who wants to have a say to go to that meeting


Some meeting attendees and board members expressed concerns about neighborhood representation around the mural

Paul will draft a letter to send around to the board to see if we can develop consensus


  • Susan Humboldt- Neighborhood Website


Creating a new logo for website

Posting a few times a week

Can subscribe to it using RSS feeds- google reader or my yahoo






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