2012 April Meeting Minutes

Humboldt Neighborhood Association General Meeting
April 10, 2012

Board Members Present: Paul Anthony, Brooke Chilton Timmons, Mike Salmond, Will Villota Brian Murtagh, Dave Ketah

Board Members Absent: Susan O’Connor, Breanne Antonious, Isa Dean

  • Steve Jacquot from North Portland Precinct
    • In & Out Market now seems to be in compliance (not selling things that could be used in a drug trade, limiting types of alcohol)
    • New Street Crimes Unit out of North Precinct- Two Officers and a Sergeant, few hundred arrests- an email/note to the Commander would be great if the new unit is appreciated or if residents notice a positive difference
    • Lots of car break-ins in March, especially between 4:00 and 8:00 pm
    • Questions from resident: Is it possible to find out the demographics of people who are being arrested?
      • Those things are tracked. Officer Jacquot does not have those statistics with him tonight- Paul will get that information for the group
  • Is it possible for more warnings to be given rather than fines/arrests?
    • Sounds as if the fines/arrests are happening for repeat offenders
  • Concern from resident: Increased drug traffic being pushed off Killingsworth into the residential streets, happens during the lunch hour- may be high school students?
  • Anika Berry and Lizzie Medford from Catlin Gable
    • Urban Studies class- I-5 corridor, more people in the neighborhood could mean more pollution, Columbia River Crossing – high density housing
    • Gathering information from residents about their opinions/awareness about the health effects of pollution – have been distributing surveys
    • Hoping to present final product to the City Council
    • Discussion with Representative Lew Frederick regarding Humboldt Elementary Closure
      • The situation is fluid, a lot of ideas are floating around right now
        • Best information right now is that the School Board plans to close Humboldt and merge the school population with Boise-Elliot, with potentially some students going to King
        • One idea has been to create an Early Learning Center at Humboldt spurred by the Governor’s Early Education Plan
        • Think closing Humboldt is a bad idea
        • Why are families choosing not to send their kids to Humboldt
          • Families don’t have confidence in what will happen there in a couple of years- historically there have been many changes
    • 90% Students of Color, 96% FRL- Neighborhood boundaries are 70% White Students
    • Neighborhood Association could demand that something good happen for the kids of this community
    • Stop the school from becoming surplus property- Kenton Elementary School- leased to De La Salle and Collinsview leased to Riverdale
    • School District continues to disrupt the program at the school
      • School board needs to hear others talk about Humboldt, not just parents
  • Meeting on Thursday night came about because none of the meetings were near to Humboldt
    • Seems like there was very little thought put into the decisions and community involvement
    •  25 students for every FTE- only 205 students currently enrolled
    • Don’t have any support staff- the school board is saying that it is mathematically impossible for Humboldt to stay open
    • Using the word “proposed,” but it seems like it’s a done deal
    • Send a copy of your letters to news organizations
    • Families need to see an advantage in sending their students to our neighborhood schools
    • For it to be successful it needs to be a racially mixed community school
  • Closing Tubman- Young Women’s Academy
    • Program does extremely well- small classes, full science lab
    • Again parents have been unsure if it will be open for the last 3 years
  • Choice issue
    • Whitest class at Humboldt is Pre-K, some stay for Kindergarten- many of those families aren’t even from the neighborhood
    • Historically, Humboldt was part of the desegregation plan
    • One of the possibilities is to create a middle school at Tubman
    • K-8 programs primarily happen in poor neighborhoods, difference in Science Labs, elective choices
  • Humboldt- working to close the achievement gap- seen phenomenal growth there
    • Once something has been successful, the school board seems to close it
  • Jefferson High School rename
    • Haven’t had one Jefferson Alumni tell me that they want to rename the school
    • Been having this conversation for 20 years
    • This is not a primary issue for me at – much more concerned about having a true comprehensive high school
  • LewFrederick.org- please let me hear from you
  • Encourage your message to be about what you want this area to be in 5 years- what would we see?
  • NECN- Schools Working Group
    • Paul involved with starting this
  • BES- Tree Planting along N. Missouri/I-5 Soundwall
  • Approval of minutes: March HNA minutes approved
  • Humboldt Board Election Process
    • Needed: Chairperson, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, Historian, three At-Large Positions
  • NECN Announcements
    • NECN Business Development Committee Forum- May 1, 2012
    • Killingsworth Street Clean Up- April 21, 2012
    • Humboldt Neighborhood Clean Up- April 28, 2012
    • EMSWCD Naturescaping Class- May 19, 2012
  • PCC Bond Advisory Committee- meeting with small group
  • Jefferson Frontage Improvements look like they are going to happen
  • Meeting Adjourned

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