2009 August Meeting Minutes

Humboldt Neighborhood Association Board Meeting

August 11, 2009


Ideas and Discussion Topics:

  • Meeting structure
    • Start all of our meetings with introductions
    • Avoid overloading the meeting, end on time
    • Use nametags
    • Have a welcoming table where board members take turns greeting people
    • People really enjoyed small groups, should try to do that again
    • When to have presentations- how long?
    • We should have 3 meetings a year with just board members in order to plan
    • Use 4 purposes/goals from bylaws as a way to structure meetings.
    • Focus on different areas/goals each week
  • New Board Members
    • We have a group of people who have been coming regularly
    • Ask for volunteers who would like to be on the board during the September meeting
    • Ask for help at a meeting- there seem to be lots of community-minded people
    • Next month (September) create a nominating committee
    • October- nominate
    • Review of bylaws- need to form nominating committee 30 days before election
  • Paul leaving the board/Finding a new chair
    • How did Paul keep track of what was happening in the city?
    • Tracking emails is an overwhelming job – Paul is willing to continue that responsibility
    • Rotating facilitation of meetings- taking turns
    • Co-chairs
    • What about communication/correspondence?
    • We have a generic email for the chair- share that duty?
  • Questions about bylaws
    • Put together a rules committee and bring a recommendation to the board
    • Paul thinks there is some kind of regulations around rule changes in the current bylaws or past minutes
    • Backing off on the big bylaw changes- Brian going to email regarding compliance
    • Priority Areas- 4 or 5 areas- Add community building
  • Board Effectiveness
    • Seem overwhelmed, spread thin (mile wide and inch deep)- how can we be effective
    • Focus and prioritize really well
    • Try to create institutional excellence- “retrench”
    • Doesn’t take much for people to drop off
    • Need to follow-through with feedback we receive
    • Use the goals from the bylaws to create a foundation and focus for our work
  • Community Building Committee
    • Need for social gatherings
    • Festival street near Jefferson
    • Things happening at restaurants and business- how to share those with residents
  • Communication
    • Receive $600 a year from city for communications, now $490 left in communications- need a newsletter
    • PCC interested in helping with a newsletter
    • Need a newsletter- 2 times a year at least
    • There is not a good mailing list for Humboldt
    • Look for volunteers from Jefferson and PCC
  • Future projects
    • Vision Committee important as Portland Plan process asks for neighborhood feedback
    • PCC/Neighborhood Association Credit Union
    • Revise the neighborhood fact sheet that Debbie Bishoff put together
  • Other Items
    • ICURAC- Been approved to spend $500,000 for park land in Humboldt- have no willing seller
    • Michael Leighton agreed to serve on the ICURAC board
    • Clean-up went well. Great volunteers, need to improve marketing for next year


Calendar of Tasks

August               Bylaws research

September           Talk to potential board members

Start greeter table, nametags and introductions at every meeting

October               Completed list of board members to nominate

November           Election of board members


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With a passion for assisting others with refining and achieving their goals, accepting the Program Coordinator position with the Multnomah County Library became the perfect bridge career - from working 10 years in web design and web development to becoming an ever more involved, contributing member of our community.

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