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2018 September Meeting Minutes


September 12, 2018


Present:Anne LaBorde, Kym Jeka, Kate Piper, John Ollis, Clifford Walker, Rosemary Brown

Absent:Abe Proctor

Minutes:Minutes from July motion to approve by John, seconded by Kym.

Treasurer’s Report:Metro did not increase reimbursement for hauling fees which significantly increased this year. HNA required to pay $225.58 towards balance. Hauler waived late …

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2018 July Meeting Minutes


804 N Alberta Street

July 11, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Present: Anne LaBorde, Kymberly Jeka, Abe Proctor , John Ollis, Clifford Walker, Rosemary Brown

Absent:Kate Piper

Minutes:Minutes from May & June approved & seconded.

Review of June reimbursement requests for marketing/business cards for Kym Jeka, approved, as well as $500 towards Cleanup expenses.


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2017 October Meeting Minutes


October 11, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Present: Anne LaBorde, Kymberly Jeka, Clifford Walker, John Ollis, Abe Proctor

Absent: Katrina Pullman-Gates, Kate Piper,

Community Members: (Rosemary Brown, Trent Gay, Kirby McCurtis, Alan Stubbs, Jenn Nowak, Chase Spross, Karen McAvoy, Cathrn Riggs.

Board Business: Motion to approve October Minutes by John O, seconded by Kym …

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