Board Members

Chair / President / Communications / Treasurer/ NECN Exec Board Member & Humboldt Rep

Kymberly Jeka

Kymberly Jeka is The Humboldt Neighborhood Association’s current Board Chair/President, presiding since October 2018. She hails from Chicagoland, having moved to Portland in 2007 from San Diego and graduating from the University of South Florida, Tampa class of 2000. Finally calling Humboldt home and attending her first Humboldt Neighborhood Association meeting in March 2009.

Kymberly brings with her a wealth of community experience over the years having organized many neighborhood events and fundraisers, including the Unity Circle street painting which started in 2011 as a way to bring Humboldt neighbors together. In her previous role working at the American Red Cross in quality assurance, she provided oversight and guidance to ensure blood supply standards of excellence were met for the Pacific Northwest region and the FDA. While there, she also volunteered for the Disaster Action Team. She completed Neighborhood Emergency Team NET training in 2020.

In countless dedicated volunteer hours, Kymberly’s continuous goal as HNA’s Chair/President is to advocate for community members and ensure all residents of Humboldt voices are heard as well as provide information from city officials and other areas of interest that affect Humboldt acting as a direct connect and liaison. She works to achieve common neighborhood goals to build on an inclusive, diverse, sustainable, and prosperous community.  She also continues to pursue a long promised park for Humboldt residents to provide needed greenspace for all.

As a professional aRtivist, Kymberly enjoys painting, and welding metal sculpture in her free time and nothing brings her more joy than spending quality family time with her husband and daughter.

Vice Chair / Vice President / Land Use Committee 

John Ollis

John Ollis is the current board Vice Chair and a member of Land Use Committee, since October 2018. Before that, he was a board member at large and involved with Humboldt Neighborhood Association since 2017.  Professionally, John works as a power system planner for a regional government agency and before that, he was a college math instructor.  He grew up in Beaverton, Oregon and graduated with degrees in applied mathematics from Oregon State University.

John has lived in Humboldt for over 9 years, and lived in the Portland area for over 30 years. He met his wife in a permaculture design certification course, and since then he and his wife, young daughter, and a flock of chickens have been working to convert their quirky 1902 bungalow on a city lot into a regenerative paradise. He loves gardening, cooking for his family, practicing natural building, playing music and taking hikes in natural areas and on local disc golf courses.

After spending time going to school abroad and enjoying countries where community is defined by abundant communal meeting areas, pedestrian friendly streets and pride in local culture, he feels lucky to have settled in a place with wonderful local businesses, people with diverse backgrounds that care about their neighborhood, and deep historical roots.  John looks forward to continuing to help Humboldt in anyway he can to meet the challenges of the future.

Recording Secretary

Alicia Richards

Alicia Richards has lived in the Humboldt neighborhood since 1995.  She is a small business owner with her husband in the Overlook neighborhood.  She is a psychotherapist.
She has served on the HNA board as secretary for about 3 years.  She has 3 adult children, all living in Portland.
She enjoys community, gardening, and taking walks.  She has recently begun to search out the historic trees in Portland on bike.
HNA embodies her love of getting to know people, problem solving and building relationships.

Historian / History, Arts, and/or Culture Committee Chair /Treasurer Co-Signor

Clifford Walker

Clifford Walker, The Humboldt Neighborhood Association Historian, a well known artist and photographer, Jefferson HS class of 1961, an Air Force Veteran, served two terms as chairman of the Oregon Commission on Black Affairs, was born at Emmanuel Hospital and raised in the Humboldt neighborhood.

Clifford brings a wealth of knowledge from both Humboldt and of Portland to look fondly back on. He remembers as a kid, although there were no parks to play in; (Humboldt does not have any park in its official boundaries and the neighborhood association has expressed its concerns) he and his family would ride a bus out to the west side of the river to Macleay Park with tin cans to catch crawdads, or travel to Swan Island and catch squirrels and fish. Growing up he remembers when there were no cars in the street, so the kids would play in the streets among horse drawn coaches with produce for sale.

Clifford has run for Portland City Council twice, and is also well known for leading a vital public conversation at the Humboldt North Portland Library in early 2018 questioning the name of his alum Jefferson High School which remains named after a Virginia slave trader and whether that continues to still be appropriate today.

Land Use / Planning Committee Chair

Kate Piper

Kate Piper is a longtime resident of inner NE Portland and has lived in Humboldt for 8 years. She’s been active on the HNA for as long as she’s been a Humboldt resident and has been serving as a board member for five years as Land Use and Transportation chair. Kate is an architect and enjoys helping translate and communicate what’s happening at the City and neighborhood level to her neighbors. She and her three young kids can be found cruising around the neighborhood on bikes, running around the parks, and of course, frequenting the North Portland Library!


PCC Liaison & At-Large Board Member

Abe Proctor

Abe Proctor represents Portland Community College on the Humboldt Neighborhood Association Board. He is the Community Relations Manager for PCC’s Cascade Campus, which lies in the heart of Humboldt. Abe wears many hats in his position, including liaison with community groups in the neighborhood.
As a member of the HNA Board, Abe serves as a point of contact between PCC and the neighborhood, and helps to facilitate collaboration and engagement with the community; and helps to advance the campus’ goal of making its facilities and resources available for the benefit of the neighborhood. PCC is committed to working with the Humboldt Neighborhood to help guide the community to a mutually prosperous future.

At-Large / Jefferson HS Alumni Association

Richard Hunter

Richard Hunter is one of Humboldt Neighborhood Associations’ at large board members who brings with him long time community engagement and activism as a State Volunteer for AARP Oregon, NeighborWalks, helped to create the Sabin Community Development Corporation; where he served as Board Chair for 3 years. Mr. Hunter attended Southern Oregon College (SOC) in 1971 which is now called Southern Oregon University (SOU). He received six months training in Housing and Community Development through the Neighborhood Partnership Fund. He currently serves as a board member of the Jefferson High School Alumni Association in Humboldt and as Associate Pastor of the Neighborhood Church of God.
In a previous role as a Housing Stabilization Specialist, Mr. Hunter developed public education curriculum in 1993 around housing stabilization for English and Spanish speaking low-income families that would serve as a model for other agencies and worked closely in collaboration with City, County, State, HAP, Landlords, OSU Extension, and numerous community and countywide non-profit agencies addressing the needs of low- income families. He created a Housing Scholarship Fund to provide rent subsidy to low- income families where the head of household was participating in in the short-term housing education program he created. He has case-managed families in emergency shelter and transitional housing engaging the strengths based case management model. He has conducted large-scale community outreach and recruitment of volunteers for community projects and community forums; conducted phone calling to residents, businesses, churches and organizations to encourage involvement in community issues and trouble shoot problems and offer solutions to issues of concern. He has administered support services which removed barriers to employment, recruited, screened and case-managed potential candidates for special job training programs. He developed marketing materials advertising position profiles for employer clients.
Richard has 2 sons, 2 daughters, 2 son in-laws, 1 daughter-in-law and 5 grandchildren.

At-Large / East Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District (EMWSCD) / & NECN Humboldt Representative

Brandi Boersma

Brandi provides Outreach and Education for East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District’s Urban Lands Program, which has been located in the vibrant Humboldt Neighborhood since 2008. In her role she provides free educational opportunities to help people better care for our land and water, works intimately with local organizations to provide equitable programs and services, and is a member of the Equity Committee.  She is also a certified Master Gardener and on the Board of Grow Portland, but spends the rest of her free time with her lovely pets (Tim, her Alaskan Malamute and Kiwi, her Calico kitty).

UPDATED 06.30.2020