2009 February Meeting Minutes



Humboldt Neighborhood Association

February 10, 2009


Paul Anthony, HNA Chair:

The approval of January minutes will happen next month.


Amanda from NE Precinct was not able to be here, so we will not be hearing from the police tonight.


When you have problems with bars and/or liquor stores, be sure to give them the address of the establishment, otherwise it does not get recorded as a complaint. You need to give the address during the first phone call, so it gets registered.


Jasmine Market and Thai Food Café are both applying for liquor licenses


Peter from Columbia River Crossing, columbiarivercrossing.org

We agreed on a preferred option for bridge, highway and transit options over I-5, which is to support a replacement bridge, west of the current structure, with a light rail extension into Vancouver and a bike and pedestrian path.


Design, financial plan and number of lanes are still being determined – we are currently working with partner groups


Three through-lanes are part of an agreement between WA and OR.

Add/drop lanes emerge as needed to help people get on and off the freeway safely.

There are four options:

No build option – been ruled out

8 lanes

10 lanes

12 lanes – still only 3 through lanes


The project is a 5-mile stretch to improve safety and traffic movement. There are lots of different opinions as to how many lanes are needed. There will be no increase in lanes past Marine Blvd or SR 500.


A higher number of lanes will actually slightly reduce traffic emissions.


Is this a first step to widening I-5 to the South in North Portland?

This project has nothing to do with that


Marine Drive is the busiest truck interchange in Oregon


Forecasting up to 20% of trips across the river will be on light rail


Interchanges are only ½ mile apart, not feasible to have a reversible lane


Carpool lane only possible with the 10 or 12 lane option


Any budget for landscaping/tree planting/air quality mitigation?

Design of the bike/pedestrian path is still being determined

Still have to come up with a mitigation and financial plan, including green building


How will the project be funded?

It will cost 3 or 4 billion – 5 miles of highway, seven interchanges, light rail extension, bike and pedestrian paths

Federal government t- light rail (hopefully), tolls, and federal transportation money


The project is a balancing act politically


Metro and city of Portland would like to start tolling as soon as legally possible; have to build something new in order to start tolling


The website is Columbiarivercrossing.org  Thank you. We care what you think.


Lauren- NECN

Neighborhood and Community Program – we offer a list serve for board members so that they can share with the rest of the association.


Upcoming events: tomorrow – training on how to deal with difficult situations in your neighborhood – Judith Mowry from the Restorative Listening Project will be leading the training.


Citizen’s Advocacy Training


Wednesday Feb 18th – Dinner at the NECN to network and learn about resources in the community


Neighborhood Clean-ups – NECN has funding to help out – Workshop on March 3rd- how to organize a clean-up


Abe Proctor- PCC Cascade

Representing the campus through this long bond process

We will be establishing a web page to keep the neighborhood updated

Mission statement- will have that next month

Have projects at all of our campuses – Newberg campus getting going

Need contractors for everything – pcc.edu, resources, purchasing, etc

Late April starting to look for architects and engineering firms – Brian Murtagh from the HNA will be on the selection committee


Sara – PSU School of Urban Design- Master of Urban Planning

Workshop/Capstone project

We held a meeting last week with the bureau of planning and the NECN

Community Outreach project

Listening sessions

Focus Groups

Recommendations for the HNA

Reach out to your neighbors and your churches

1st step- Move the HNA meeting space

Some people may feel uncomfortable with this setting

List of suggestions (some people expressed interest in Jefferson or Humboldt Elementary)

Mosaic Planning – will have a website going

This project is not being presented as a part of the Humboldt Neighborhood Association


Sarah – PSU School of Social Work

Will be analyzing survey data

24 of 60 respondents had income levels over $65,000


Paul- HNA Chair

Humboldt Elementary Oregon Solutions Project

2 years ago- Erik Sten wanted to target specific vulnerable schools and try and make them more sustainable

That project didn’t go anywhere with Humboldt

Oregon Solutions is a project with similar goals

Holding meetings during mid-afternoon on weekdays, high-powered people are at the table, there are very few community members involved, if there is anyone able to attend, I would appreciate it (Dave Ketah volunteered)


Breanne- Land Use Representative

Talking to Carol Hertzberg on Monday

Available money, but not much available land in Humboldt

Looking at land owned by North Portland Bible College on corner of Alberta and Vancouver



Farmer’s market at King Elementary through NECN is moving forward – Very concerted efforts to make it multi-cultural


Brian –

Land Use

Albina and Ainsworth- Delta Sorority is turning their building into a Community Center

Next month they will come to present to us about the project


Albina Killingsworth intersection

Amanda from NE Precinct says it’s getting better- no major incidents in a long time

Businesses are helping


Overpass Guardrails are up on Killingsworth!



Will – social networking possible?


Will, Ketzel and Susan will start looking at the website

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