2012 February Meeting Minutes

Humboldt Neighborhood Association General Meeting
February 14, 2012

Board Members Present: Paul Anthony, Brooke Chilton Timmons, Brian Murtagh

Board Members Absent: Breanne Antonious, Gretchen Brask, Dave Ketah, Susan O’Connor, Mike Salmond, Will Villota, Isa Dean

  • Announcements
    • Update about Portland Parks & Recreation Budget- changes to SUN Community School proposal
    • State building/parking lot near Humboldt Gardens- Paul’s idea for a future park- had a conversation with someone at PP&R
    • NECN Board Positions Vacant- Susan O’Connor resigned her position- Humboldt now has two open positions- talk to Paul or Katy if you are interested in learning more
      • NECN Board meetings are 3rd Tuesday at 6:30 pm
      • Board members also commit to serving on an NECN committee
      • New NECN Schools Committee- trying to engage the school district early, strong, and frequently about the boundary redraw of the Jefferson cluster- current mixed message about what will happen to Humboldt
  • In & Out Market- results of TPM (Time, Place, Manner) citation issued by the city
    • Police team focused on the market has made over 200 arrests- they have tagged enough criminal activity that the OLCC has labeled In & Out Market with having “serious & persistent” problem
    • Killingsworth & Mississippi phone booth taken out- hope to reduce drug activity
    • North Portland Precinct: Steve Jacquot not available
    • PCC Bike Rental Program- Abe Proctor
      • Students can rent a bicycle for $15 per term
      • Community Cycling Center donated bikes and the police will donate them too
      • Rented 20 bikes so far- plan to have 100 in the future- hope to someday have a student employee and a small bike shop
      • Currently using the Paragon building to hold bikes
      • PDC- offering opportunity to apply for $300,000 of grants, can go for anything except transportation projects
        • Paul is interested in pursuing a grant
        • Humboldt Welcoming Mural Project- Missouri and Killingsworth- Levi Banner
          • Grant from NECN for graffiti abatement
          • Completed a mural on 16th and Killingsworth last year, also with a grant from NECN
          • Project includes Trillium Charter School students
          • Will hold three neighborhood meetings to get community input
            • Develop visual ideas and theme
            • Third meeting will include sketches to get feedback
  • Community Outreach
    • Putting a sign on the mural to announce community meetings
    • Include something on the Humboldt website
  • Holding a block party was part of the grant proposal
  • Completion time is early summer
  • Williams Avenue Safety Improvements
    • Committee is strongly leaning to making the street as slow as possible
    • Seven big building going in on Williams currently, shortest building is 4 stories
    • Paul advocating for affordable housing, especially for older adults- current projects are all offering housing at market rates
    • Ideas for honoring the historic African American presence
      • QR codes for cell phones- walking tour of Williams Avenue
      • Idea for an African Americans in Portland museum on Williams
  • NECN will become the home for the committee once it completes its transportation recommendations
  • Mary Nolan, City Council Candidate
    • Current State Representative, would not keep that role
    • Running for City Council- believe that I can bring together legislative and executive functions well
    • Resident Questions/Discussion Topics: Thomas Jefferson statue discussion, racist language and symbols
      • MN: Would commit to having a dialogue so that the discussion could happen and the community would own the decision
  • Resident Concerns: Need for affordable housing, PDC over-promising
    • MN: Haven’t drawn a conclusion about whether or not the separation of HAP and PDC is working
  • Skanner Solar Panel Appeal- Brian Murtagh
    • City rejected solar panels because of Piedmont Conservation District
    • Hearing is February 27, Brian would like to speak in favor of the applicant
  • NECN Announcements- Katy Asher
    • NECN Business Development Committee Events
    • EMSWCD Naturescaping Class- May 19, 9:00-1:00
  • Approval of November, December and January minutes deferred until next month
  • Meeting Adjourned

About Isa Dean

With a passion for assisting others with refining and achieving their goals, accepting the Program Coordinator position with the Multnomah County Library became the perfect bridge career - from working 10 years in web design and web development to becoming an ever more involved, contributing member of our community.

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