2018 July Meeting Minutes


804 N Alberta Street

July 11, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Present: Anne LaBorde, Kymberly Jeka, Abe Proctor , John Ollis, Clifford Walker, Rosemary Brown

Absent:Kate Piper

Minutes:Minutes from May & June approved & seconded.

Review of June reimbursement requests for marketing/business cards for Kym Jeka, approved, as well as $500 towards Cleanup expenses.


Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods (NECN) Board Report:

NECN is providing “Primers”—short info briefs on PDX politics & culture.

NECN has various grants available.

HNA was mentioned in the report regarding the conversation about the possibility of renaming JHS. Abe is working on draft letter to PPS & JHS. A brief discussion followed around continuing to build relationship between HNA & JHS. HNA will forward monthly HNA Minutes & Agenda to Principal Margaret Calvert.


Portland Community College (PCC) Cascade Update:Abe reported the Humboldt Market has been rescheduled for Thurs, Aug 23. He requests volunteers to distribute flyers.

Library: Kym passed out flyers for July Library Events.


Land Use: John attended the recent NECN Land Use meeting. He reported on PBOT presentation re: converting NE 7thor 9th, from Lloyd to Woodlawn neighborhoods into greenways. Please forward comments to Land Use Chair attention: www.HNANEWS@gmail.


Houselessness Chair. HNA may invite him to present following elections in the Fall.


Alberta Abbey:  Kym met w/ Prentice Onayemi, founding partner of Grains of Salt, Alberta Abbey, re: large community event. Requested input on best date: 10/6 or 10/13? All board agreed 10/6 would be preferred given seasonal changes.


Neighborhood Cleanup: Huge success: Donations $541.51, fees, $77. Net $464.51

Anne reported peoples’ responses on how they heard about the cleanup were majority thru our signage & social media.

John noted that “core events” are a great way to disseminate HNA info: Humboldt Market, Neighbors’ Night Out.

Kym noted the NECN advertisement did not list any extra disposal charges for TVs or refrigerant. Kym will work w/ NECN next year to make sure their ad is accurate.

John suggested there be a debrief regarding the Cleanup & begin planning for next year. Anne clarified that dates & people involved are subject to Emmanuel Temple calendar & involvement.



KOZ Development (NEW DEVELOPMENT RE-REVIEW:105 N Killingsworth) was unable to adjust their calendars to travel from Seattle tonight. A special meeting will be held July 25, 7PM at Neil Kelly, 804 N Alberta St. Use the back parking lot & entrance. They requested to meet again before their plans go to the City Planner.


Albina Green: Anne Greenwood was absent.



A community member has requested a meeting w/ NECN to discuss merging several NAs. July 19, 6:30 pm @ McMenamins Chapel Pub. Board members will attend w/ Adam Lyons.

Elections: a slate will be put forth at the September meeting. Any neighborhood resident or business who has attended 3 meetings in the past year is eligible to be elected. Voting will be at the October meeting.

Neighborhood Garage Sale 7/14 throughout Humboldt.

Jamaican Home-style Cuisine on Killingsworth has applied for a liquor license.

No HNA Meeting in August; Celebrate Neighbors’ Night Out!!


2017 October Meeting Minutes

HNA Land Use Notices

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