2017 September Meeting Minutes


804 N Alberta Street, Portland, Oregon 97217



September 13, 2017 Meeting Minutes


Present: Anne LaBorde, Katrina Gates, Kymberly Jeka, Abe Proctor, Kate Piper

Absent: Clifford Walker

Community Members: 4 (Rosemary Brown, Dr. Audrey Terrell, John Ollis, Erin Grabowski)


Board Business: Anne motions to approve June minutes, Abe seconds, motion passed. Anne reports that the HNA has $3,859.62 in checking and savings. Anne needs approval to spend money on new HNA labels and business cards, as well as juice and cookies from August outreach events. The remaining balance will be $3,786.23. Anne motions to approve treasurer’s report, Kym seconds, and motion passed. Anne states that the three open positions on the HNA board: chair, member-at-large, and secretary have had no nominations or interest shown, to date. Grant Williams is stepping down as member-at-large. Anne nominates John Ollis as new board member-at-large. Anne agrees to continue as Chair; Katrina agrees to continue as Secretary until December. Unanimous approval.


Neighborhood Emergency Team (NET) Update: Katrina reports that the Boise/Eliot/Humboldt NET, along with other north and northeast Portland NETs, are having a fundraising day at the Oregon Public House on Monday, September 18th. A part of the profits of the food and drinks served all day will benefit the individual NETs. There will be no B/E/H NET meeting in October. Instead, there will be a NET mock deployment exercise on Monday, October 16th, from 7pm-9pm, at Unthank Park. Non-NET members are welcome to come by and watch, or to volunteer in roles such as “Belligerent Bystander”.


Portland Community College: Abe reports that the Neighborhood Market will be held on “the quad” of PCC on Tuesday, the 3rd of October, from 3pm-7pm. Abe requests volunteers from the HNA to distribute handbills and posters throughout the neighborhood.


Land Use: Kate reports that the Bureau of Development Services is revamping communication with the neighborhoods on new developments. The BDS website is much easier to use, with an interactive map of developments.


Presentation: Ryan from Green Canopy Homes: Green Canopy is a B Corp developer looking to build 4 units with ADUs at 5122 and 5123 N Michigan. Their company mission is to inspire resource efficiency. They’ve built about 800 homes, all infill, mostly in Seattle. The homes on N Michigan will be zero energy homes, with solar panels and no natural gas, but the ADUs cannot be zero energy. Each unit will have a driveway for one car. They already went door to door to reach out to neighbors, but only one family showed up to their meeting. Kym asks for Green Canopy to go above and beyond the landscaping requirement from the city. Kate expresses concern with the driveway in front not being neighborly. Ryan mentions that Green Canopy will put out a survey to the neighborhood, and that concerns can be mentioned there.


Presentation: Dante from the Coalition for Healthy Kids and Education: This coalition is gathering signatures to get a measure on the May 2018 ballot. The measure is a proposed tax on sugary drinks, 1.5 cents per ounce. Beverage distributors will pay the tax to Multnomah County. Exempted products include infant formula, milk products, and natural fruit and vegetable juices. The funds from the tax (expected to be $28.5 million/year) will go to programs promoting physical activities and healthy food choices for children, distributed by grants. The World Health Organization asked for countries to tax sugary beverages to reduce soda consumption, so the main goal of this measure is to do that rather than raise money. In Berkley, California, a study found a 10-20% decrease in soda consumption, but no negative impact on businesses. More information can be found at HealthyKidsMultnomah.org. Katrina motions to endorse the measure, Kate seconds, and motion approved.


October meeting to be held Wednesday, the 10th, from 7pm-9pm, at Neil Kelly, 804 N Alberta Street. The October meeting will be focusing on board membership, but everyone is invited.

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