Humboldt Neighborhood Survey

For more information about the questions and your neighbors’ responses to the 2014 HNA survey, please see below…


Humboldt 2014 Survey Synopsis

  • What makes Humboldt a great place to live?
  • Diversity, history, accessibility to services and resources
  • What make Humboldt special compared to other Portland neighborhoods?
  • Complex history, walkability, and educational area (Jefferson High school/PCC)
  • What are you most excited about for Humboldt in the future?
  • Revitalizing Jefferson High School, creating stronger community, preserving neighborhood history and culture.
  • Describe the personality of Humboldt in ten words or less?
  • Lively, Friendly, Ethnically diverse, Transition
  • Which places in Humboldt neighborhood matter most to you?
  • North Portland Library
  • Jefferson High School and south playing field
  • PCC-Cascade
  • Saraveza
  • Cherry Sprout and Albina Green
  • Ethos Music Center
  • When you think of Humboldt neighborhood what images come to mind?
  • Jefferson High School
  • PCC – Cascade
  • People walking
  • Tree lined streets
  • Name two people in the community who personify or embody the spirit of Humboldt and explain why?
  • Clifford Walker, community historian
  • Michael Callahan Cherry Sprout Produce
  • Many names of neighbors
  • What five traits best describe Humboldt’s personality?
  • Diverse
  • Historic
  • Resilient
  • Friendly
  • Hard-Working

This is a sampling of common responses of your neighbors to the survey.

Please take the survey below yourself, so that we can better represent you while thinking about a long-term vision for Humboldt Neighborhood!