2012 January Meeting Minutes

Humboldt Neighborhood Association General Meeting
January 10, 2012

Board Members in Attendance: Paul Anthony, Brooke Chilton Timmons, Brian Murtagh, Susan O’Connor, Mike Salmond, Will Villota, Isa Dean

Board Members Absent: Breanne Antonious, Gretchen Brask, Dave Ketah

  • Introductions
  • Approval of December minutes deferred until next month
  • North Portland Precinct: Steve Jacquot not available- Five shootings that police believe are linked happened across town last weekend, closest one to us at Williams and Fremont, no one hurt, damage to buildings and cars
  • Steve Novick, Candidate for City Council
    • Primary Issues
      • Economic development- rising health care costs hurting businesses and families- would like to see Portland take a lead in innovative solutions
      • Public safety- think we spend way too much money on prisons rather than prevention
      • Concerned about gap between rich and poor, white people and people of color- why do gaps exist and how do we ensure that city services meet the needs of the underserved?
  • Interested in hearing about the concerns from the neighborhood
    • Issues raised:
      • Support for the newly created Office of Equity
      • Air Quality Concerns
      • Education: Jefferson & Humboldt- how can the city influence the school board and help create stability
      • Portland Parks & Recreation, Josh Green
        • PP&R won the National Gold Medal award from the National Recreation & Park Association
        • New programs at Peninsula Park- private vocal and guitar lessons, dance program, Valentine’s Day Family Dance (quarterly family event that happens for free) , gymnastics
        • Looking for volunteers to support teen programs- computer lab after school
        • Hands On Portland Volunteer Day this Saturday- maintenance in and out of the building
        • PP&R Budget Cuts
          • Discussion about criteria for cuts
          • Concerns expressed about cuts to splash pads, trash, landscaping
          • Discussion about summer playgrounds program- money comes from sponsorships, not part of the general fund or cuts
          • Volunteer program that supports the rose garden could be in danger
          • Brooke to write  a paragraph about SUN to add to the letter
          • Letter approved unanimously
          • Abe Proctor
            •  Design option A3 chosen, but no 5 story parking garage will be built. Underground parking will be built under existing surface lots.
            • Also looking at transportation demand management (TDM)- incentives for bicycles and transit commuters, further subsidize student tri-met passes
            • Concerns brought up about possible satellite parking lots that may lie outside of the Impact Mitigation Plan
            • Transportation demand management plan has not yet been developed, parking garage could still be on the table if the TDM plan is not successful
            • Looking to break ground in early 2014
            • Williams Avenue Safety Improvements, Paul Anthony
              • City staff members have worked hard to hear out community members
              • Potential changes- making some changes to bike lanes to make them safer, could narrow the street to one lane, improve pedestrian crossings
              • New Seasons has an agreement with PDC for the three-block area just South of Fremont between Williams and Vancouver
              • Please let Paul know if you have any feedback or input about the project
              • Next meeting Mary Calvert, Principal at Jefferson High School will attend- come prepared for the discussion
              • Next meeting Mary Nolan, Candidate for City Council who is running against Amanda Fritz
              • NECN Announcements, Susan O’Connor
                •  Solarize NE Kick-Off was on Saturday, very successful
                • Two Upcoming Candidate Forums at Concordia- Mayoral and City Council
                • Information about EMSWCD Training Session Coming Next Month
                • Cherry Sprout Liquor License Expansion to allow for alcohol to be served during special events
                • Newsletter
                  • Only 40 Returned- delivery pretty successful!
                  • Meeting Adjourned


About Isa Dean

With a passion for assisting others with refining and achieving their goals, accepting the Program Coordinator position with the Multnomah County Library became the perfect bridge career - from working 10 years in web design and web development to becoming an ever more involved, contributing member of our community.

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