2009 March Meeting Minutes

Humboldt Neighborhood Association Meeting

March 10,2009


  • February minutes approved


  • NE Precinct Liaison- Amanda McMillan 503-823-5795

Works at the NE Precinct. She handles chronic neighborhood issues in a non-uniformed capacity. She can connect neighborhood with resources and work on issues that responding officers can’t deal with. Can call Amanda to follow-up about a specific case.


Can call non-emergency line about loitering; call Amanda if it is a continuing problem.


Huddle- No information about new owners


Michael Leighton– Like to see a letter from our group supporting the agency that removes abandoned cars- their budget is due to be cut

-Sending a letter approved by the board


  • Abe Procter-PCC Expansion

State of Oregon is in dire financial situation. Unknown if it will affect the bond construction timeline.


Hope to have the engineering and design teams in place by mid-August in-service date

The neighborhood can have representation on the selection committees for these teams.


Bonds will be up for sale by the end of this month.

New construction on campus and existing building will be renovated.

This is the very beginning of a very long process.

Website about the Cascade Campus expansion still not up yet, Abe will check on that

Bond money will provide more classroom space to accommodate continuing double-digit growth


Brian Murtagh– There is a small group of board members, who are forming a group called the Humboldt Voice Committee. We’ll be talking more later about a letter we will be sending to PCC.  The HVC would like to have candid discussions about the past and future with Algie Gatewood and Randy McEwen.

  • Sara Bedinghaus- Humboldt Vision Project

Trying to help neighborhood association increase representation, discovering what people in the neighborhood care about


Just finished two listening sessions- 22 members of the community attended. Some of the issues that were brought up:


Gentrification and displacement

Increasing neighborhood events

Reducing crime rates

Next events are Community Workshops

Tuesday, April 7th, 7:00 pm and Saturday, April 11th 3:30 pm at Humboldt Gardens

There will be interactive stations with issues that were identified from the listening sessions

Please tell your neighbors, family and friends

At the end of the process, Mosaic Planning will be putting together a strategic plan for the neighborhood association.


  • Oregon Solutions Project, Jamila Williams- Principal, Humboldt Elementary School

Oregon Solutions Project has seen a lot of progress and growth

Been very active and done a lot to reach out to the community

Came today to make face-to-face contact

We had community members walk with the police to make plans to make the neighborhood safer. Talked about community use, green spaces, and partnered with Humboldt Gardens to have a Summer School.


The school is holding an Office of Neighborhood Involvement training- how to go door to door and meet your neighbors.

April 4th 10-12


Working with the district to send letters to new owners and renters in the neighborhood to learn about Humboldt school.

12 businesses have adopted school classrooms.

We are a small school, so we have less money.


We would be willing to host a neighborhood clean-up


Learning Garden

Going to happen this year and we’re in the planning stage right now. The garden has been an eyesore for a while and we’re excited to get it going


Would like to link to your website

The garden is a partnership between families of Humboldt students, residents of Humboldt Gardens, and classrooms

Soil tested for lead, okay to grow food


The school is holding a silent Auction on April 9th from 6-8 pm with jazz and appetizers


Looking for partnerships with restaurants to give a part of their proceeds to Humboldt Elementary


  • Mallory Avenue Community Enrichment Center (MACE) Garden

Technically in the King neighborhood, there is a lot of land around the parking lot- 2500 square field

Pastor Ward has a homeless shelter 2 nights a week

Eventually MACE would like to be able to grow food and compost bins

Ten-year process of converting the church into a community center


Paul Anthony– I asked Robin to come because we have been looking at adding green space in Humboldt. How are you going to create sustainability?


We are starting neighborhood outreach. Looking for a core group of participants.

Not hooked up to city water or electric. Going to use drought resistant plants and ground contouring. Looking at getting a rain-collecting cistern .

Don’t have an idea of how many people want to participate right now by having beds

Don’t have a website, but people can drop in anytime- 126 NE Alberta


  • Peter Farrelly- Healthy Climate Partnership

Senate Bill 80 is being rewritten, maybe I could be back next month

Cap and Trade bill, way of reducing emissions, by using the market

Increased levels of asthma and benzene from I-5

Transportation sector would be affected


  • Humboldt Voice Committee- Brian Murtagh

Finding it hard to get our voice as a neighborhood association heard in a focused way by PCC

Currently sorting through the documents of the Impact Mitigation Plan- 1000 pages

Could spend our entire neighborhood association meetings talking about PCC, instead we are going to have a focused group.

Everyone is invited to come to our work and strategy meetings.

Tend to meet last week of each month at the Chapel Pub- please leave an email if you’d like to attend

This is a small group to start with and focused on the expansion.


Jamilia- What about including more voices in this?


  • Neighborhood Clean-Up- Brian Murtagh

It’s difficult to run

Jan Clutter- ran the Woodland clean-up for the last 7 years, agreed to mentor us

Site and hauler really determine the date

NECN offers $680 if you complete the clean-up by June 1st

May 23rd of Memorial Day Weekend- possible day

Ketzel willing to help


  • Website- Ketzel

We have a website: humboldtneighborhood.org. Meeting notes are up, along with links. The front page is dedicated to meetings. Ketzel can put up stuff that people send to her.

Would like to see a redesign of the logo: maybe Humboldt school students could draw something?


  • ICURAC- Breanne

Map of whole area- looking to put a park in Humboldt, but need land

Have looked at leasing land from the Portland Bible College- may not be the best investment for them

Part of the Oregon Solutions Project discussion


  • Transportation

Alberta Street Overpass concerns

PDOT and ODOT have been unhelpful

ICURAC has interest and possibly money in improvements

Trimet is looking at cutting bus service- specifically #33

Let Paul know if you’re interested in writing a letter


  • Farmer’s Market

March 23rd is next meeting

Jean Fike is one of our delegates; Susan O’Conner may also be able to go

  • PSAC- Public Safety Action Committee started meeting again on 4th Tuesdays of the month

Contact Paul if you want more information about attending the PSAC meetings

  • Paul Anthony appointed Gretchen Brask to the board as Treasurer


  • Paul resigned as Humboldt Neighborhood Association Board Chair



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