2012 March Meeting Minutes

Humboldt Neighborhood Association General Meeting
March 13, 2012

Board Members Present: Paul Anthony, Brooke Chilton Timmons, Dave Ketah, Brian Murtagh, Breanne Antonious, Isa Dean

Board Members Absent: Gretchen Brask, Susan O’Connor, Mike Salmond, Will Villota

  • Introductions
  • Announcements
    • NECN Board Positions Vacant
      Susan O’Connor is no longer representing us, so we are looking for at least one representative for the NECN board, the commitment is about two nights per week- contact Paul or Katy Asher for more information
    • Humboldt Board Nominating Committee
      Brooke and Brian will participate on the committee & either Paul or Dave will chair the committee
    • Approval of minutes
      November, December, January and February HNA minutes approved
    • North Portland Precinct: Steve Jacquot not available
    • Helen Ying, candidate for Metro Council Region 5
      • Want to introduce myself and hear about your neighborhood issues
      • Been an educator for 30 years, math teacher, counselor, vice-principal- retired in June 2010
      • Non-profit involvement- currently on a non-profit board that focuses on healthcare
      • Served on the creation committee for the City’s Office of Equity
      • Want to focus on livability, 20 minute neighborhoods – housing and transportation
      • Want to narrow disparities in our community
      • Questions from Residents:
        • What is your position on the CRC?
          Believe that we need a new bridge, want the right size bridge that considers growth, the environment, and social justice issues
        • What do you think about our public institutions being named after slave traders?
          I hadn’t thought of that. It’s a good example of how we could become more inclusive about what we do.
        • When you talk about disparities, would you support putting a moratorium on putting black people in jail until the incarceration rate is proportionate to the larger population?

I’d like to address the root causes of those issues and to look for systemic change.

  • Metro President?

Tom Hughes has brought a focus on economic development- looking at new markets and increasing exports.

  • What is the issue that is important to you?

Livability, improving people’s quality of life
My beliefs are aligned with Metro’s Outcomes: Healthy Economy, Leader in Climate Change, Vibrant Communities, Clean Air & Clean Water, Safe and Reliable Transportation, Equity

  • Lack of funding for Trimet Youth Passes
    I understand the issue and believe it’s important.
  • Mural Project, Levi Banner
    • Conversation about the mural project on Missouri and Killingsworth
    • Confusion about follow-through and communication with the application and the plan
    • Building Owners:
      • Agreed verbally to the mural, but then didn’t hear back about it for a few months
      • Spent a tremendous amount of money on the project to re-do and paint the building in partnership with PDC, want to make sure that this mural also considers the historical architecture of the building (built 1905)
      • Still open to the mural project
  • Levi- as artists we come to it with open minds
  • NECN would be open to the mural moving locations if needed
  • Murals work as graffiti abatement
  • Three months before the painting starts, will have 1 meeting per month to get community input
  • Discussion about Trillium students who would help with painting, request to see more students who live in the neighborhood involved
  • African-American Museum Project, King James
    • Trying to create a black museum in Oregon, have established a steering committee and will eventually be applying for our 501c3 status
    • Having meetings every week on Saturdays 6:00-8:00 pm, 420 NE Mason
    • The museum will record the changes in our community
    • Looking for volunteers to help with communication, activities, finance, 501c3 application, website design, site, contractors, fundraisers, grant writers, etc.
    • Going to create some jobs, big vision, want young people and senior citizens to be involved with this, want to give young people a place to be and activities for them to do
    • Been working on this for 9 years
    • Looking at a number of possible locations for the museum
    • Jefferson High School – Clifford Walker
      • Would be interested in the HNA supporting a resolution to change Jefferson’s name
        • New Orleans school board passed a short statement saying that they oppose retaining names of schools named for former slave owners and changed numerous school names
        • Lewis & Clark College contact from OPB who spoke about Native American mascots- could the issues be tied together and could he be a resource?
  • Could a community discussion be spurred by HNA passing a simple statement?
  • Structure of the high school is changing with the Middle College, good time to think about name change
  • Paul going to draft a letter and will send it to the board
  • Announcements
    • NECN Community Economic Forum April 3 at OAME
    • Killingsworth Street Clean-Up on April 21
    • Humboldt Neighborhood Clean-Up on April 28 at the Masonic Lodge parking lot
    • Garden Work Party at Albina Green on Saturday, April 21 from 10-12
    • EMSWCD Naturescaping Class on May 19 from 9-12
    • Library Updates
      • Why Aren’t there More Black People in Oregon? Well-attended event last week
      • Libraries for Livelihood- unlimited time for job seekers on laptops
      • Developing Facebook Class
      • Developing Social Media for Job Seekers Class
  • Humboldt Elementary
    • Principal Willie Poinsette is retiring
  • NECN and Concordia University –Mayoral and City Council Candidate Forums
    • Thursday, March 22nd, 7pm to 9pm – Education Focus
  • Training: Neighborhood Associations and their Members—Roles and Responsibilities—Thursday, March 29, 2012
  •  Land Use and Transportation Committee Wed., March 22, 7:00pm, at NECN
  • Safety and Livability Team  Monday, March 19, 6:30pm at NECN
  • Meeting Adjourned

About Isa Dean

With a passion for assisting others with refining and achieving their goals, accepting the Program Coordinator position with the Multnomah County Library became the perfect bridge career - from working 10 years in web design and web development to becoming an ever more involved, contributing member of our community.

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