2009 May Meeting Minutes

Humboldt Neighborhood Association Meeting

May 12,2009

Miguel Olmos- Representative from Portland Police

There has been more active gang warfare since the weather has gotten nicer

Over the last six weeks there have been nine shootings in the Humboldt area, no one has been hurt

Most recent shooting was yesterday

Police are getting little cooperation from witnesses

Many are coming from the area of the KC Market, high level of drug activity there, specifically crack cocaine

Just not enough manpower to go around, priority is emergency calls

Many programs are being scaled back due to resources

Have never talked to the owner of the KC Market- might be helpful to talk to Amanda McMillan, Community Officer, about contact with them

Call non-emergency line if you see drug activity

Seems to be the “upcoming generation” of gang members involved in the violence, many young teens

The neighborhood should expect more shootings as the nice weather continues

N and NE Precinct will be merging, will affect services

Please call and report issues, including group loitering


Abe Procter- PCC Expansion

Selection Committee will be meeting soon

There will be a timeline available as soon as there is reliable information

Brian Murtagh suggested that Algie Gatewood and Randy McEwen meet with the Humboldt Voice Committee instead of the entire general meeting in July

Paul Anthony requested that information regarding future building plans, including RFP details, and traffic studies be shared with the neighborhood association as soon as possible


Chris Poole-Jones, Patricia Dickerson, Mark Nye- June Key Delta Community Center Demonstration Project

High performance community center

This project will demonstrate how sustainability and living buildings can be brought to the neighborhood level

Corner of Albina and Ainsworth, across from Peninsula Park

Will include meeting hall, gallery, and administrative space

The existing building was a service station- old brown field, gas tanks removed in approximately1990

Site is currently about 85% asphalt, the project will be scaling that back to 15%

Would like building to stand as a demonstration of sustainability for the neighborhood

Future plans may include transitional housing and a second building

Using nontraditional materials to renovate the space, working with the rebuilding center, trying to use 50-70% recycled materials

Trying to involve people from the community in the project

Want it to be accessible to the community and have it be used. Will also be coordinating with the park

Living building requires that there be no negative impact on the earth

Hoping to break ground in the summer

There is an MOU with PCC to use the college’s parking lot when there are big events


Steve Hoyt- Portland Department of Transportation

Neighborhood resident

Bicycle Master plan for the city- 20-year plan to help people bike

Biking has exploded in North Portland, in the NECN area 29% of people say that biking is either their first or second mode of transportation to work

Possible bike boulevards include Going, Commercial and Rodney

Possible bike lanes on Ainsworth, Alberta, Killingsworth

Going to be prioritizing the different options, he encourages neighborhood residents to make comments and give input


Peter Farrelly- Environmental Legistlation SB 80

Capping green house gas emissions

Non-binding carbon restriction

Would keep Oregon from falling behind in a carbon restricted society

Suggest the HNA send a letter to Margaret Carter, Humboldt area senator

The board approved drafting a support letter


Morgan and Sara- Mosaic Planning

Project is ending in June

HNA is giving us the June Association meeting to do a presentation and celebration of the project


Brian Murtagh- Humboldt Voice Committee

Presented at a PCC board meeting, gave candid comments

Goal is to create an expansion that works with the neighborhood

Want to talk to business owners in the area and include their input

Brian Murtagh- Neighborhood Clean-Up

June 13th at the Masonic Lodge parking lot, across the street from Jefferson High

Looking for volunteers and pick-up trucks

There will be a small fee- $10 for a car, $15 for a small truck, $20 for a larger truck


Paul Anthony- PCC National Night Out

We need someone to go to the meetings and report back

We were a part of this event last year and it was a big success

Mid-day meetings

If you are interested in representing the neighborhood association, please let Paul know


Paul Anthony- King Farmer’s Market

First farmer’s market- 3000 people came, more than double what was expected


Susan- Community arm as a part of the market

Everyone is well aware of the short-comings, especially the racial diversity of vendors and attendees, it’s a work in progress

Problem may be time- a lot of African American neighborhood residents are at church during that time


NECN Land Use and Transportation Committee

Significant budget cuts that will affect services

Debbie Bishoff- regional planner will no longer be focused on community projects, instead the Portland Plan- this will be a huge issue in Humboldt

Board approved a motion to send a letter to the mayor about the proposed changes



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