2012 May Meeting Minutes

Humboldt Neighborhood Association General Meeting
May 8, 2012

Board Members Present: Paul Anthony, Brooke Chilton Timmons, Mike Salmond, Breanne Antonious, Dave Ketah, Susan O’Connor

Board Members Absent: Isa Dean, Will Villota, Brian Murtagh

  • State Senator Chip Shields
    • Created Better People- living wage employment and counseling program for people who struggle with addiction or have been involved with the criminal justice system
    • Commute to Portland during legislative session because of four year-old daughter
    • Very much opposed to closing Humboldt and Tubman- think we need more good options for students
      • It doesn’t make sense to shut down a school that has one bad year of enrollment
      • Don’t understand the strategy that will turn the lives of families upside-down, especially when the school board will be asking their support on a bond measure soon
      • PPS refusing $110,000 that Senator Shields was able to raise and not using the $5 million from the city to keep Humboldt and Tubman open
  • Resident- Problem is funding at a state level, why are we talking about problems with PPS?
    • Been a difficult few weeks as we look at these possible school closures
    • In 2009, supported Measure 66 & 67, brought in $500 million
    • Sponsored 2009 House Bill 3508 that slowed the growth of prisons
    • PPS School Board says that we need to repeal Measure 5, 47 and 50, will need a Democratic super-majority to do that- which won’t be possible for another 2 legislative cycles
    • Need to end corporate tax-breaks
    • Working on a ballot measure to keep the corporate kicker
    • Oregon is pending more on prisons than on higher education, $14 million dollars on the death penalty alone
  • What can Oregonians do to get involved?
    • Partnership for Safety and Justice- safetyandjustice.org – organization that is trying to slow the growth of prisons
    • Bus Project
  • Humboldt & Tubman
    • Politically, they would have considered the backlash when they chose which schools to close
  • Passed a bill that would require a racial impact statement for any sentencing guidelines
  • Only thing that we fully fund is the prisons- those numbers keep increasing, which squeezes funding for schools, particularly higher education
  • Economic growth could change the picture
    • Tax breaks for specific companies or tax breaks that don’t spur growth won’t create jobs
  • Chip Shields’ Cell phone 503-351-0000
  • Office hours in the community most Wednesdays – Prescott Café, 60th and Prescott- would like to hear your ideas, call office to set-up an appointment
  • Paul- Bureau of Planning that has a report come out about use of school facilities
  • PPS is looking at putting a new capital improvement bond on the ballot- Open House on May 22, 23, 24
  • Introductions
  • Announcements
    • EMSWCD Naturescaping Class, May 19th 9:00-1:00
    • Josh Green leaving Pennisula Park Community Center
      • Celebration May 9th 5:00-6:30
      • Josh has been a great partner, we’re sad to see him go
  • Revision to Tree Code
  • NECN Announcements
    • Community Economic Development Council at NECN May 17th 8:00. Check out Portland.crowdmap.com to learn how you can participate in mapping a healthy community
    • Williams Avenue Open House at Immaculate Heart May 19th 1:00- 4:00
    • Safety and Livability Team at NECN Monday 21st 6:30 pm SALT will host speakers from the Portland Women’s Crisis Line, Boys & Girls Aid and possibly the EPA regarding the superfund clean-up along the Willamette
    • Schools Work Group at NECN, May 22 7:00
    • Resilience PDX: Community Disaster Preparedness Expo at King School, June 2 2012 10:00-5:00 pm
  • Discussion about school funding, prisons, Schools Work Group at NECN- how to solve these big issues
    • How can we get businesses involved in supporting schools?
    • PPS net savings by closing schools, $40,000 for Humboldt, $60,000 for Tubman
  • PCC going to be renting Salvation’s Army second parking lot for construction vehicles
  • Things have cooled down at Killingsworth and Albina- cut crime and arrests in half
  • Brian testified to PDC and they voted to start construction on Jefferson frontage this summer
  • Next edition of Humboldt Herald scheduled to go out in June
  • Humboldt Elementary Celebration- Friday, June 8th 5:00-8:00 pm
    • PTA looking for Humboldt School history
  • Salvation Army working on a community garden plan next door
  • Middle School Summer Day Camp at Salvation Army
  • N Haight and N Emerson Mural- Kimberly looking for input
  • Next Board Meetng and Election, June 12, 2012
  • McMenamin’s going forward with the hotel at the Masonic Lodge
    • 9 hotel units with meeting space
  • Meeting adjourned

About Isa Dean

With a passion for assisting others with refining and achieving their goals, accepting the Program Coordinator position with the Multnomah County Library became the perfect bridge career - from working 10 years in web design and web development to becoming an ever more involved, contributing member of our community.

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