Meeting to discuss response to a shooting that took place on August 24th, 2015 in King School Park

You are invited to join personnel from North Precinct, Gang Enforcement Team, Neighborhood Response Team Unit, Youth Services Division, Office of Youth Violence and Prevention, Portland Parks Bureau and the Office of Neighborhood Involvement to discuss steps that have been taken in response to a shooting that took place on August 24th in King School Park.

We will be gathering at the park at the site of where the shooting occurred (at the top of the park next to the park benches) at 6pm on Wednesday, Sept 2nd.

Our goal for this meeting is to pass along factual information about what happened surrounding the shooting and to message to the community that King School Park is safe and that members of the community should continue to use the park.

This gathering has been called in an effort to bring together the community and build something positive out of something negative. Our intention is to move forward purposeful conversations and dialogue as it pertains to building community engagement and outreach efforts with neighbors and park patrons.

1. Portland Police Gang Enforcement Team (GET) will present facts about the shooting and discuss where they are at in the process of the investigation and how the community can assist the police.

2. Youth Services Division (YSD) will make a statement surrounding school safety and reaffirm to the community that children are safe to attend school.

3. North Precinct Command along with Officer Zoeller from the Neighborhood Response Team (NRT) will have an opportunity to discuss how we can assist neighbors with crime issues and chronic nuisance complaints.

4. The Parks Bureau will provide a statement and information about city parks.

5. Representatives will take questions from the audience

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