New Park for Humboldt


Neighbors of Humboldt, we need your help!

The Humboldt Neighborhood Association is currently working with PP&R (Portland Parks & Recreation) to identify parcels of land in Humboldt that could potentially become the future space for a Park in our neighborhood (wouldn’t that be Super?!). Did you know Humboldt is considered ‘park deficient’ as the only neighborhood in the city without a public park?

Can you help by simply having an awareness in your daily comings and goings in the neighborhood since that’s the only way to be on the lookout for ANY green space for sale, potentially sellable, or sitting vacant that could be considered for a future park in Hiumboldt. Identifying these location swiftly is key since new developments are rapid in the area.

It all comes down to residents spotting potential locations for PP&R to investigate since they allegedly do not have the bandwidth to identify possible locations proactively.

Humboldt boundaries are Missouri, Skidmore, Ainsworth, & west side of Rodney.  See boundaries map.

Basically, if residents identify potential green space for a park PP&R can work on a willing seller program.

We can do it!

Thank you!