2018 October HNA Meeting Minutes

Humboldt Neighborhood Association 


October 10, 2018 7-815pm

804 N Alberta @

Neil Kelly

Board Members Present:Kym Jeka, John Ollis, Clifford Walker, Rosemary Brown

Absent:Kate Piper, Abe Proctor, Alicia Richards

Minutes:Minutes from September motion to approve by John, seconded by Rosemary.

Treasurer’s Report: Anne LaBorde, Kym Jeka, & Clifford Walker to meet with US Bank 10/15/18 to change signing authority for HNA bank account.


NECN Report/Alberta Abbey Project/Library/Blandena Street Project(Kym): 

NECNHey Neighbor Newspaper Fall issue out, distributed at meeting, Primer video released. Adam Lyons, Director @ NECN now on Bureau Advisory Committee for The Office of Community and Civic Life. Community Grant submission applications available for those interested.  NECN requests form for yearly communication funding.

Alberta Abbey Neighborhood Party10/13 1PM- 10PM will showcase possibilities for the facility. Kym to table @ event for HNA 1-6pm.

Librarymonthly events calendar distributed.

Blandena Reach Project– Community Builders Program – Home Repair Services

Street Painting, Plantings, & Home Repairs took place on Blandena between Williams & Vancouver in September for 3 homeowners who qualified.  More info. @ reachcdc.org  

-Humboldt Market@ PCC was great, could have been better attended but lower attendance likely due to date change from previous weather conditions (summer fires). Kym tabled for HNA jointly with The Alberta Abbey. 

-Letter to School Board:passed around for those who haven’t had an opportunity to read or comment.

Elections Conducted by Jessica Rojas of NECN:

The following nominations took place:

      Chair: Kym Jeka

      Vice Chair: John Ollis

      Secretary: Alicia Richards

      Treasurer: Chair/Clifford Walker as Co-Signer

Board positions which are continuing: Historian: Clifford Walker, Members-at-Large: Kate Piper (Land Use Chair), Abe Proctor (PCC). Isa Dean (Library)

Education Specialist Rosemary Brown will continue as liaison w/ our neighborhood schools.

All in agreement current HNA Bylaws will be revised (last revision 2011).

Meeting adjourned ~8:15pm

2018 September Meeting Minutes

2018 November HNA Meeting Minutes

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