Regarding Water Bureau Sewer Project – response from Oct 2015 HNA meeting

Dear HNA Attendees,


I hope I have included all of you who attended the meeting on the 13th, but if not, please feel free to forward this to anyone I missed.


I wanted to follow up on a few of your concerns.


  1. Construction on N Kerby Ave –

It appears that two different projects have taken place/are taking place at this location: one through the Water Bureau and one through the Transportation Bureau (PBOT).

  • The Water Bureau work involved replacing over 100 feet of pipe, relocating fire hydrants, and installing and replacing valves. I believe this work is complete, as the construction phase was 4-21-15 to 7-20-15.
  • The PBOT work is the final phase of N Killingsworth streetscape improvements.

o   Contact: Winston Sandino, Project Manager, 1120 SW 5th Ave., Suite 800, Portland, OR 97204, Off: 503-823-5767

o   Here is some info he sent BES: The contractor started working on Kerby Ave (next to the Jefferson High track field). They are finishing out the sidewalk at that location and are now moving east on Killingsworth to MLK. They will continue to remove the existing sidewalk on the south side of Killingsworth and replacing it with the new sidewalk to meet City code and ADA. Once they get to MLK they will move to the north side of Killingsworth and start working on the sidewalk back to Commercial St (by Jefferson High) which will be the end of the project.

  • For more information about these projects or other ones in the area, please visit Portland Maps – Indicate which address or intersection you would like to know more about, then hit the “Projects” tab, and then “Capital Improvement Projects.”


  1. Final Paving –

Rhetta Drennan from BES explained to me how deficiencies must be addressed before a contractor moves on to the next area, but that does not include final paving. Final paving has a lot of variables, with weather as the main one. If concrete is being laid down the curing time can be up to a week. Asphalt generally only needs a day or two of no precipitation. The other consideration is the amount of paving that needs to be done. It’s most cost effective to pave when the amount is equal to a full load of materials (asphalt or concrete).


  1. Rats –

Rhetta also shared information to pass on regarding rats. She said sewer projects can cause rats to come above ground, so contractors typically bait lines before construction begins. However, as many of you said during the meeting, rats gravitate to a food source. Also, poorly maintained private sewer laterals can result in holes and breaks where rats can dig between the breaks and the surface and pass back and forth. If people see rats they need to make sure their garbage cans are secured and there are no rat holes in their yard. They can also call Multnomah County’s Vector Control at 503-988-3464.


In terms of the idea to address rats in the next newsletter, this has not been done before, but I am happy to try. I could draft something or your association could provide me with content that you think will be helpful, and I will present it to BES. The next newsletter will probably go out in January or February.


I hope this information is helpful. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions or concerns.




Siobhan O’Leary

Sr. Public Involvement Coordinator

Lois D. Cohen Associates

On behalf of the City of Portland Environmental Services

2300 SW First Avenue, Suite 104, Portland, OR 97201

Phone: 503-975-7073   |  Cell Phone: 503-449-5780


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