2009 September Meeting Minutes

Humboldt Neighborhood Association

September 8, 2009




Safety Report

  • NE Precinct Liaison not in attendance
  • Paul Anthony, HNA Chair: There was a gang-related shooting two weeks ago at 11:00 am in front of K&C Market. A man was shot in the leg and back and is expected to recover
  • McMenamins is interested in putting up cameras in that area


Dr. Algie Gatewood from PCC Cascade Campus

  • McMenamins is in conversation with the public safety office, so that the information from cameras could be monitored by our staff
  • I appreciate the work of the Humboldt Voice Committee- working with campus and district personnel.
  • I want to thank Michael for serving on the bond project manager committee. We worked hard to get the best candidate.
  • Breanne and Brian- thank you for serving on the public outreach candidate search.
  • The bond expansion at cascade
    • We gave this tremendous amount of thought, we need to expand our facilities and improve the quality of our technology.
    • Two primary goals- manage enrollment growth and manage changes in workforce
    • Both headcount and FTE have grown over the past few years
    • Now able to offer a more comprehensive program in the fastest growing job sectors.
    • Preparing individuals for 21st century economy jobs, people trying to better themselves and becoming participants in the economy we are in
    • Most diverse college campus of any kind in Oregon (33% minority enrollment, 12% African-American)- I am proud of those numbers, I think this is what education is about.
    • Most of students come from 4 zip codes, which are close-by, although our students are coming from all over.


Michael Leighton, HNA Board Member- Thank you for being here, you have always been a friend of the neighborhood. You have said that you think the college can grow and the neighborhood can improve its livability at the same time. Can you say more about that?


Dr. Gatewood- We live here together, figuratively speaking we work together, we play together. We can produce a better product together. Humboldt Voice Committee can serve as an interface and the neighborhood’s input is valuable.


Brian Murtagh, HNA Board Member- Can you make your speech available for the website?


Dr. Gatewood- Yes.

  • Fall enrollment is up 23-24%.


Neighborhood resident: What is the relationship between Jefferson and PCC?


There is a program called Middle College. Jefferson students can come and take classes at PCC within their high school schedule. Gives them hope and helps them continue their education.


Neighborhood resident: It would be helpful if neighborhood residents knew that. Parents would be more interested in sending their students to Jefferson if they knew that information.


If you have questions for Dr Gatewood, you can route those through the Humboldt Voice Committee. Contact information is on the Humboldt neighborhood website


Community Involvement

The following items are a wish list, things that are important to the neighborhood and that the HNA needs help with:

  • Newsletter
  • Neighborhood Cleanup
  • Community Yard Sale
  • National Night Out

In addition, we are looking for people to assist with

  • Connections with Schools
  • Government Services
    • Transportation Class- dedicated to helping individuals solve transportation issues in their community
    • ICURAC- Need a representative to go 4 times a year to the transportation meetings, they make decisions about how money will be spent. It’s an inspiring group of people that will be discussing the 2nd phase of the Killingsworth street improvements

Please think about helping out.

  • Housing and Neighborhood Facilities
  • NECN Land Use Committee- Need a representative from Humboldt, they work on livability issues. Next meeting is Wednesday, September 23, 7-8 pm @ NECN. Can advocate as a entire coalition, all 12 neighborhood associations, example number 33 bus service when Tri-met proposed cuts


Both NECN (small grants) and East Multnomah Soil Water Conservation District are accepting grant proposals right now




Nominating Committee


Recording Secretary



3 Members at Large

Please ask one of us if you have any questions or any interest in joining the board.


Humboldt Voice Committee

  • Meeting with PCC every 6 weeks, they have been productive meetings
  • We established the committee, because we want to give input in timely and meaningful matter
  • The next meeting we will be talking with them about public/private partnerships with retail space in the expansion
  • Architectural selection process starts today, RFPs due in a few weeks, actual selection will be made in early December


Community member- Is PCC they expanding up or out?


  • They own telephone lofts and house behind it. One of the things that came up in their first phase was green space and low buildings.
  • They can put out a new proposal to change zoning, working under Impact Mitigation Plan.
  • You can go online and find out what PCC owns
  • They do not currently own any undeveloped land south of Killingsworth
  • Our goal is for the expansion to have as little impact as possible on existing businesses and residences


NECN- Lauren

  • Small grants program – build community, support non-profits, connect neighborhood associations and schools, $250-5,000 proposals
  • Working on a board orientation and a board member handbook
  • Board orientation on October 2nd
  • Available to meet separately since your board election will be later
  • Each month there are board socials around different themes


Nominating Committee

  • We will bring you a list of names and brief descriptions next month
  • Vote will be an open vote by anyone who has been to at least two meetings
  • Brian made a motion to have the whole board come together as the nominating committee
  • Gretchen seconds the motion
  • Vote taken
  • Board will come together to be the nominating committee


Art in the Park

  • September 22, 1-8 pm
  • The mural on the Cherry Sprout building will be informally revealed
  • Kids activities





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